Responding to Feminist Frequency’s “Not Your Exotic Fantasy”

It seems it is time again for Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency to release another episode in their Tropes Vs Women videos. And yes I know it is painful to watch but bear with me to properly pick apart her arguments she puts forward we need to watch her video in its entirety. So open another browser window and watch her video and pause at the appropriate time indicated below and read my counter argument. Feel free to give your own input in the comment section below.

[0:55] – “White Saviour” Let’s talk about for a moment. You clearly did not play this game Anita, Jason and his friends did not explicitly visit Rook Islands to rescue the nation of Rakyat. They were stranded there and were fighting for survival. It just so happens, their goals were the same as that of the people of the island.

[01:43] – Um Anita you realize that Citra already had sex with Jason before the scene in the game right? She does not need magic powers to know that she is pregnant most likely due to her already missing her period. No magic needed. Also, Anita Citra drugged and raped Jason. I repeat she drugged and raped him. Anita, please explain to me how male rape (which also happens in real life) is a reward?

[02:25] – That sure was a lot of buzzwords. Anita Citra runs a tribe of tribal warriors and helps organize a rebellion against the armed forces of Vass that have invaded their island. Calling her “primitive” or savage is doing the character a huge disservice. But let’s forget about that and judge her solely on her appearance. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical of you?

screen14[03:18 – 3:58] – Sheva Alomar’s costume you highlighted is a fucking optional costume Anita, repeat after me it is optional. You don’t get this costume by default you need to earn it by collecting in-game items, which makes it totally missable. It all boils down to personal preference and choice, giving people the choice of what to give Sheva to wear. Don’t like it then pick one of the other half a dozen costumes. Not to mention Chris also has a few revealing optional costumes. It’s like it would decimate the point you are trying to make because both decently-dressed characters are put in roughly the same state of undress in alternate costumes.

[04:26] – Oh sure and it has nothing to do with the fact that her name literally means “Black Witch ” in Japanese Anita. Could it also be possible Anita, that she belongs to the same dark skin race called “Gerudo” which Gannon is part of? I am also guessing Anita that you never seen another dark skinned female character called “Veran” in the Oracle series of Zelda games?

[04:51] – Okay Anita so let me get this straight? According to you: It is not okay to like and fetishize women of color. And it is definitely not okay to like women of color with lighter skin tones. That sounds mildly racist don’t you think? And have you ever thought maybe they decided to make Gannon and Cia dark skinned to reflect their dark nature and that it was a design and creative choice? You know light is good dark is evil spiel, which in itself is not a racist notion. I highly doubt Nintendo were sitting in their office thinking of ways to oppress and marginalize people of color.

313175-1357173012[5:30] – Ah the good old “current century”argument. Anita Diablo 3 is set in a fictional world (in the past) and not in the 21st century. So would it not make sense from a design and aesthetical perspective to have them look like what they look like in Diablo 3? And aren’t the origins of witch doctors and voodoo found in Africa? Which mainly consist of black people? Not to mention the fact that white witch doctors are extremely rare, I would know I am from Sout Africa.

[6:00] – Anita you do realize most African, Native American or any other exotic tribes for that matter have their beliefs and roots in the world of mysticism right? With pierced lips, body scarring, jewelry, and marks carved into their body as their physical connection to the spiritual world.

[7:00] – This is why Tropes vs. Women is such a bizarre video series and intellectually dishonest. Using feminist literature to give your argument the veneer of so-called credibility. The exact same literature which should have been left on the dusty bookshelves. Anita nor Feminist Frequency have ever represented the voices, interests and, opinions of the groups that they pay themselves to speak on behalf of.

hyrule-warriors-screenshot-shia-03[8:37] – Dressing up as a Mexican or another race does not automatically mean you are a fucken racist. Jesus Christ on a Bicycle woman. There are an entire hobby and people out there who’s sole purpose it is to dress up and cosplay as their favorite video game, anime or TV show character. Does that make them racist? No, in actual fact plenty of people who create these characters view this as a show of utmost respect from their fans.

[9:27] – Anita, this is most likely one of your dumbest arguments you have ever made. This is an actual racist argument, which really surprised me coming from you. This is the exact same argument that bigots and racists use, this is straight out of their playbook. That your culture is not defined by our environment but by your skin color. This is something I find appalling when racists and bigots do it and definitely when you do it.

[9:55] – So I notice you didn’t mention Toren there Anita or Unrest for that matter? Both these games are based on the folklore of other countries developed by natives of those countries. Why not mention the positive side as well? Oh, I forgot it would not fit with the narrative you are trying to create.

1084-4[11:30] – First off that is not what most developers are doing when creating their video games Anita. They do not go out of their way to create racial stereotypes. And yet again the point you seem to be missing Anita, video games are not based in reality and for the most part based in fantasy worlds. And what gives you the right to tell us what is okay and what is not, and since when have you become the arbiter of this?

[Editorial note:] Thank God she does not bring out these every other month, it is 12 minutes of mental gymnastics and trying to a spin a narrative, while cherry picking the facts that only suit her video. But then again most gamers with half a brain already know this…

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One Response to Responding to Feminist Frequency’s “Not Your Exotic Fantasy”

  1. Chris Maillet says:

    Here’s my own comments:
    #1 – Yeah, because white people NEVER go to Thailand on vacation, right Anita?
    #2 – Since when is celebrating cultural diversity racist and sexist?
    #3 – Good and Evil have been personified as Light and Dark for literally thousands of years. No one gives a shit.
    #5 – You just got finished telling us that dark-skinned characters are fetishized and seen as desirable, now you’re saying they’re stereotyped as evil characters. Holy contradictions Batman!
    #6 – A “stereotype” based on actual historical and cultural fact is not a stereotype. Voodoo Witch Doctors exist Anita. They actually do exist.
    #7 – The wearing of metal bands around body parts is indigenous to MANY cultures Anita, not just Africa, you racist cunt.
    #8 – Animism and other forms of “Natural World Mysticism” are the oldest religious expressions in our written history. Have you ever read a history book, Anita?
    #9 – Wow. Something we actually agree on for once, Hollywood IS cancer!
    #10 – Geez Anita, since when can a man not fuck his slaves if he wants to? Clearly you’re not very familiar with the social and economic ramifications of the whole, “People as Property” thing. Once again, you really ought to read a history book one of these days…
    (Why do people assume the 17th Century African Slave Trade is the only one that has ever existed?)
    #11 – All right, all right, I get it. You’ve never read an actual history book before, and you’re certainly not going to start now. Okay, fine.
    #12 – I’m fairly certain Alex Vance porn exists.
    #13 – Okay, so drawing parallels to tribal cultures is evil and racist, but acknowledging modern Black Culture is not? Let me guess, you’re one of those people who listen to gangster rap, but are too embarrassed to admit it. Probably because you’re a racist.
    #14 – Clearly you’ve never even read into Iranian culture either… Iran during the 1960’s was a very secular and open society before the religious fundamentalists took over…
    #15 – Games are under no obligation to be a boring lecture series. Games are supposed to be fun, and big titties in a leopard-print bikini are fun to look at. Have you ever had fun Anita, or have you always been an insufferable cunt?

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