Attention American woman & minorities: You are not oppressed

I always laugh when I see American woman and minorities protesting, brandishing posters stating that their systematic oppression must stop. And when I switch channels or open the news in my browser I see the bias and stigmatization gainst woman and minorities and people of other sexual orientations in Africa and in Arab countries. And I always wonder to myself where are these protesters when these people are in need of someone to highlight their plight? Nope, not interested, they are more interested in getting called the correct pronoun and being politically correct. Western feminism and social justice warriors don’t actually care very much about those women and oppressed minorities. All they want is for the people they are attacking to shut up and accept a distorted form of non-equality.

5e7What these people do not seem to understand is that equal outcome is not a right. Equality of opportunities is one thing, equality of outcome is something totally different. But they are way too busy trying to get first place in the “Oppression Olympics”. Don’t get me wrong I have no issues with pointing out inequalities in our society, but the over the top dramatization of (some) of those inequalities that in fact exist, when compared to the plight of women and minorities in other societies. My point I am trying to make is the hypocrisy of western feminism and social justice warriors whose heart bleeds for only them and not for the women and minorities in other societies. In spite of the problems, they face on a daily basis. They are not stoned or killed for practicing a social taboo. They are allowed to drive. They are allowed to wear what they want.

quote-we-need-to-stop-playing-privilege-or-oppression-olympics-because-we-ll-never-get-anywhere-roxane-gay-122-71-11They are allowed to use birth control. The are allowed all manner of freedom’s that these minorities and women are not. Maybe if feminists and social justice warriors talked about actual issues, issues like child marriage, honor killings, gender-selective abortion, female circumcision just to mention a few people who support them more. The fact of the matter is women and minorities in other countries DO have it a lot worse, and it’s ridiculous that modern day feminists and social justice warriors are fighting the wrong fight. Instead, they bemoan equal representation in video games or other media forms. And then feminists and social just warriors often wonder why so many people even those who support the basic tenets, often refuse to identify themselves as feminists or social justice warriors. Because you are all fucken hypocrites who have their priorities all wrong.

[Editorial Note:] I would like to point you to another article written by Trey Winslett on “Don’t step on Snek” which also touches on the same subject matter. I suggest you go read it now as it makes some excellent points.

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  1. I kinda agree with you, aside from the gender equality and the push for better policing of minorities, protesters are just doing this to protest because they just want to push THEIR AGENDAS!! The bigger these groups get, the better chance they have of losing “eye on the prize” or the main objective, which is fairness and equality and NOT a push for sensitivity.

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