Keep your feminism out of my nerd culture

What the hell is with the feminist hatred of nerds or nerd culture? Why do we have a painted target on our backs? I think it all boils down to the fact that geeks, nerds and the culture that surrounds it are always easy targets for attack. Since the advent of video games and Dungeons and Dragons, the media and society have blamed us for all of societies ills and shortcomings. That is why a lot of feminists still use us and our hobby as an easy target to attack instead of going after other forms of entertainment. And just for the record and I think I speak for most nerds and people in my hobby. Nerds like myself do hate feminists but not women.

quote-bill-gates-if-your-culture-doesnt-like-geeks-you-167531There is a big difference here. Women bring so much into our culture and movement, and they have always been a part of it for long as I can remember. But having said that it is the vile feminists who take the fun out of our culture and movement. Their ideology is cancerous, and they really should not act surprised when gamers and nerds like myself don’t take kindly to it, especially when you are trying to ram it down our throats. Feminist try to remove the appeal, sexual fantasy, the roleplaying and agency from our culture, they don’t want to be part or take part in it. They just want it sanitized so that it conforms to their wants and needs.

And it is pretty easy to tell that they have no understanding of our culture, as they regularly tell the media that gaming and indeed geek culture is some exclusive boys-only club. Geek and video culture is no longer just something being practiced in someone’s basement. Comic book movies adaptations have made comic books cool now, video games are mainstream entertainment now and rival that of the movie industry. Unfortunately for feminists, nerd culture is now mainstream, so basically all their arguments and attacks are being debunked on a regular basis. I would say it is by far the most welcoming community I have ever come across.

When I meet someone who likes things similar things to me whether it be food, movies, video games, comics, etc. I am just happy to nerd out with them, I have yet to check their genitals or ethnicity to make sure they are the “correct” kind of nerd before I start interacting with them. And when I play video games online my only requirement is that you can hold a controller and hold your own in a team based environment, I don’t care what the color of your skin is. I don’t care if you identify as an attack helicopter or a porn loving gender fluid midget with a beard.  Does sexism in our culture and hobbies exist? Yes. Is it as prominent as certain feminists and journalists like to think it is?

In my opinion, no, not really. Is focusing exclusively on the negative of our culture and hobbies and being intellectually dishonest to push your own agenda’s whatever they might be doing more damage than good? Most definitely yes! Is video game journalism slandering their own readership and demographic and calling them misogynists, homophobes, basement dwelling neckbeards because feminists are saying so doing more damage than good? Most definitely yes! You and your internet feelings, safe spaces and feminist agendas are not my concern and have no place in nerd culture. If you want to be included then include yourself and you will be welcomed with open arms.

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