This just in: Apparently Rob Schneider is a racist…

Remember when comedy used to be viewed just comedy and humor had no boundaries? Well, I do. And just for the record, I am not a fan of Rob Schneider’s work. I can’t stand the man but calling him out as some sort of racist for the roles he portrays in movies is grasping at straws. And what I absolutely hate is when websites Screen Crush and their writer like Erin Whitney who has supposedly dedicated themselves to cinematography don’t understand the nature of comedy, or the fact that there are no lines you cannot cross in comedy. And definitely, no sacred cows that should be left untouched by actors in movies or television shows.

hqg-2568Not to mention the hypocrisy involved in their criticism of Rob Schneider’s work, remember when Eddie Murphy played a Jewish guy and an Asian guy and everything in between? And no one called him out as being racist? Remember when two black actors wore white face and made a movie called “White Chicks”? I do. Where was Screen Crush then? Not to mention how this article popped up right after Rob Schneider’s rather outspoken comments on twitter in support of Donald Trump. Trying to shame people for something they are not guilty of for having an opinion contrary to your own is fucken ridiculous.

[Editorial Note:] Fuck you Screen Crush and fuck you, Erin Whitney.

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