Apparently celebrities know better than us

Am I the only one getting annoyed by the fact that the rich and elitist few in Hollywood love talking down to us poor common folk? Telling us what to think and believe? Telling me I am racist and intolerant by the very same people who have long since lost touch with how the other 99% of people live. From Meryl Streep’s anti-Donald Trump golden globe acceptance speech, George Clooney, who famously said that: “There will never be a president Donald Trump”  and feminists like Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham who love to remind us how oppressed they are despite being wealthy as fuck and successful. Now don’t get me wrong they have the right to express their political views like pretty much anyone else.

05ac5c153b1b2fb60a63ec743716822aThe fact that celebrities are active in politics does not bother me as much as the fact that they use their social media platforms to push political agenda’s and how self-important they can be. Imagine for a moment. You are having a date night with your loved one at a posh upmarket restaurant, while the waiter is serving your food and tells you to enjoy the meal he blurts out that Donald Trump is a fascist, racist bigot before turning around and leaving. I doubt that would be viewed as appropriate given the situation. If you want to be viewed as a professional in your respective field then your political views should not be part of that, unless you are a politician. And celebrities it seems does not understand this, given the fact that they now turn every award show into a political platform for their views.

2017_01_17_10_17_54_jennifer_lawrence_a_trump_presidency_would_be_the_end_of_the_world_rolling_Should these events not be used for I don’t know entertainment? And the reason why we follow and pay your salaries and go watch their movies in the first place is to be entertained and not be lectured about politics? No one including myself cares if a celebrity decides to take the time out of their lives to advocate for a good cause. But to use your platform and influence in a means to attack and threaten (by leaving the country), while at the same time, attempting to invalidate all opposing views with baseless accusations and buzzwords is wrong. And unfortunately, society as a whole part in due to Hollywood’s influence has conditioned people to idolize celebrity. As someone who’s not American, I see plenty of idolization going on in America in particular.


No one likes to be talked down to, but yet this seems to be the main method being used by these movie stars, Social Justice Warriors and their ilk. There was a profound amount of irony when celebrities got together earlier this to sing “I will survive” when they are all super rich and set for life. And unfortunately, we are partly to blame for creating this monster, ultimately celebrities only have as much influence as we give them. And in the day and age, we give them more power than they deserve. Donald Trump being a prime example of this. Next time a celebrity has something political to say ask yourself. Why does it matter what Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham or George Clooney has to say? They aren’t you, they don’t know you, they don’t care about you. So how are they relevant to you?

[Editorial Note:] In ancient Rome actors were held on the same social level as prostitutes. Those Romans knew what was up….

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  3. Chris Maillet says:

    Dear Celebrities,

    Kindly fuck off.

    Thank you.

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