When a Japanese developer takes the shit out of the SJW

Nier Automata is a video game with a girl that has an ass (like most women do) and who wears a skirt, so when sliding down a ladder you can peek under her skirt and see her panty covered ass. Are you as outraged as I am right now!? This is outrageously outrageous.!? It really is nice to have a video game creator who doesn’t give a fuck what social justice warriors say and stands by his art and his video game. Instead of capitulating to their demands and cowering in a corner. God bless you for being such a good sport with a sense of humor, Taro-san.

acjcWe definitely need more developers like yourself to stand up to these people. Having said that Yoko Taro is a pretty weird character himself. He writes rather “strange” but entertaining stories and is in general quite a quirky guy in general, he demands to wear a mask during interviews. Having said that fighting for the “digital rights” of some collection of pixels is an extremely pointless and useless endeavor. Why not use that time and energy on something real world. Don’t like butts or panties? Don’t play it. Done. Not everything has to be turned into a controversy….

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