Tavis Smiley blames Chicago kidnapping on video games

Holy shit, can’t these journalists ever stop pushing their agenda’s for even just a few minutes? What an unbelievable piece of shit, trying to downplay what these four kids did torturing a mentally handicapped guy and trying to lay the blame for what for what they did on video games and other entertainment forms. What they did was absolutely disgusting, and the fact that he is defending it makes me sick. We all remember the 80’s and 90’s were  D&D and Heavy Metal was spawned from the loins of Satan himself, and was blamed for everything that was wrong with society. Ironically enough when I was a kid, it was the previous generation of people blaming the media for real world violence. Now that I am all grown up and old the reverse is now happening with the young people blaming all of the society’s failures on entertainment.


I love how the news media and journalists like Tavis Smiley, who has had a large hand and responsibility in spreading this toxic mindset and culture that lead to this kidnapping and torture of an innocent guy purely because of his skin color and who he might or might not be supporting, tries to blame video games for it? I ask you Tavis Smiley were is your evidence that video game causes violence? You flat out ignored the fact that this was a blatant race-based attack and deflected the criticism to the entertainment industry you fucken hack of a writer. I remember when those terrible Columbine attacks happened. Everyone including the media blamed the singer Marilyn Manson and the video game Doom. After that, Jack Thompson had his moral crusade against the video game industry. The way this is reported on reminds me of how Columbine was reported on back in 1999…

[Editorial Note:] We are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again, especially when the media and society as a whole tries to misplace the blame because they are too afraid to ask the tough questions. The why’s and the how’s…

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