Sploid writer Casey Chan triggered by female fighting scenes

Of all the things people would find offensive in movies, does Casey and the creator of the video he posted even know how someone has to fight differently when faced with an opponent that is twice their size in weight, height, and strength? You simply cannot punch your way through them. If they had any idea what they were talking about they would know and it’s a very real and effective maneuver in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And that Rorion Gracie one of the creators of UFC, started the UFC itself with the purpose to demonstrate how their Jiu-Jitsu techniques can be used by smaller opponents to dominate and defeat much larger opponents. And do you know why this is so common in movies Casey? Firstly, because just like in a real life situation, where a woman would have to face a male opponent much bigger and stronger in a fight the move would be highly effective.

n12-1449421092310Simply because they will be attacking their opponent from an elevated position, which in turn throws off their center of gravity and balance, allowing a much smaller opponent to gain the upper hand and defeat them. When you fight someone much bigger than you, you need to fight smarter not harder. And secondly, because it is really flashy, just like Jean-Claude Van Damme’s jumping double spin kicks in kickboxer. There is no intentional or in inherent sexualization when a woman performs this kind of move on men. Seriously, these fucken click bait Social Justice Warrior articles are getting more and more ridiculous by the day. So my advice to Casey is either lay off the porn for a few months or stop with the click bait articles or even better why not both?  Let’s not try to see sexism in everything okay?

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