The concerns I have with Mass Effect Andromeda

Firstly I want to remind everyone that Electronic Arts is a terrible publisher and secondly Bioware is a developer that pushes Social Justice Warrior garbage into its games. Evident by the fact that they are willing to hire a racist as lead designer for Mass Effect Andromeda. I have a moral objection when it comes to a company that is willing to hire someone so blatantly racist that they don’t even hide it and publicly go on their racist Twitter rants. People can be as racist as they want for all I care, but it all comes down to principle for me. If you are going to fire other developers for saying racist things, why should Manveer be any different and can get away with it? And if they won’t listen when their fans and people who buy their products voice their concerns, maybe they will start listening when we hit them where it hurts, that extremely big wallet of theirs.

dzl7q2u1And despite the promises by Bioware that the game is going to break new ground in the Mass Effect franchise all the footage that I have seen and which has been released, looks decidedly middle of the road to me. The latest footage shown at CES 2017 was 2 minutes of generic humans blowing up robots, hardly anything worth getting excited about. And while Bioware has given us promises of a new and alien galaxy, why are all the alien races we are seeing still those from the original Mass Effect franchise? While seeing familiar alien races isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the entire premise they are trying to sell us is that it is a new and alien galaxy. Not to mention Bioware coming under fire for the shoddy animation shown up in one of their trailers, and rightfully so.

If you are going to debut a new trailer for such a well-known video game franchise that is costing millions of dollars to produce, then you better make sure it is polished to perfection, since first impressions always last. The entire disarming scene is literally: “Here, I will take your weapon from you in this threatening situation. While smiling and making a derpy expression the entire time.” It did not match the elevated tone in her voice or the gravity of her situation. Her face is still all happy and derpy, there is just no sense of urgency. Bioware had to choose a clip for the trailer and this is what they went with? Did no flags go up, did no one go, wait a minute but this does not look and sound right?


And you have to wonder why a game that has been in development for well over four years and clearly has a huge budget isn’t using motion capture technology, or if they are using it, why are they using it so poorly? It is worrying. My other concern is that we will be forced to purchase it through Origins, their online security is horrid, as evident by the amount of times they have already been hacked since it’s inception. The there is the fact that you also need to be connected to Origins server to play a single player game, that alone is just ridiculous to me. I made the mistake of purchasing a few games through Origins and instantly regretting it, I definitely won’t make that mistake ever again. The first two games in the Mass Effect trilogy was undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi stories ever told.

The game single handed made anything in television and movie look absolutely pedestrian during that same time period. I absolutely adored the Mass Effect franchise, I loved the expansive universe the massive amount of story and lore included in the game, not to mention the 100’s of codex entries that explain everything not mentioned in the game. I absolutely loved how all of your choices mattered in the game and how everything you did shaped the games universe until I finished Mass Effect 3. And got to see the pick your own color ending after spending more than 240 hours in the franchise, growing with the characters and getting attached to them. And in the end ruining what could have been an amazing end to a franchise. So much so that they had to avoid the events of Mass Effect 3 in the lore of Mass Effect Andromeda.

2017_01_09_13_35_34_the_bioware_store_mass_effect_andromeda_collector_s_edition[Editorial Note:] Has anyone else noticed just how ludicrous the pre-order initiatives are for this game? Anything from $60 to $260, just another way for Electronic Arts to siphon cash from eager suckers, sorry I mean gamers pockets.

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  2. Funnily enough, the Collector’s Edition apparently doesn’t ship with the ACTUAL game. That’s EA for you

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