The hate-crime hypocrisy!

For those of you who did not see the video on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube before it was taken down. What it basically boils down to is four (black) people kidnapped a (white) special needs guy scalped him, used the open wound to his skull as an ashtray for blunts, made him drink toilet water all the while tormenting him on the ways they were going to kill him. Dump his corpse in the corner and leave him to rot, put him in the trunk of a car and put a brick on the gas peddle, or shank him over and over again. All the while screaming fuck white people and outright saying they were doing this to him because he is white and because he voted for Donald Trump face while beating him repeatedly at knifepoint.

hate-crime-copyWhile what was being done to this guy is outright vile and deplorable, I am more outraged at the media’s response to this hate crime than I am at the crime itself. How can the media be so blatantly hypocritical and display sociopathy so openly? And honestly, I am not sure who is more racist. The animals who were committing this hate crime or the media, whose job it is to supposedly shine the light of truth on these type of crimes. Instead, they use their power and influence to defend these animals and their actions. This is prove positive that the media does not actually care about real racism. When they see it right in their faces so blatantly obvious but instead, ignore it. Instead, they are more concerned about non-racism. And only care about black people when it suits their political agenda.

And they irony is that the media is less offended about something like this happening, then when someone uses a derogatory term and it hits the front pages. If it was the reverse and it was a (black) guy being tortured by three (white) people, it would be called a hate crime and every single publication would be running the story. Not to mention every single city in the USA would be burning with protesters looting and destroying private property. But this is what happen’s when the media irresponsibly vilifies white people and policemen. Because that justifies the actions of these animals, because according to what the media says white people and policemen are sub-humans. If you are using a false narrative to generate clickbait articles and clicks, don’t act surprised when people start acting on it.

blacklash3We had the same type of incident here in South Africa, but the perpetrators were white. They tried to put a (black) person in a coffin and set him on fire. While they were doing this they recorded themselves committing the act, and it somehow ended up on social media. And our media and president acted the exact same way. A special speech by our president Jacob Zuma and the ANC was prepared to “condemn” this act and to remind the people of how racist white people are, while Julius Malema from the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) frequently calls upon the black people of South Africa to “exterminate” white people, to kill them and take their land. And guess what just like with this case none of the media report on it and there is absolutely no condemnation by the ANC or the government.

So I have a question for the media outlets? Where is your condemnation? Where are your articles condemning this? Instead, you write this off as kids being kids and that this was not a hate crime. They are only 18! Well, that makes it alright then doesn’t it according to the media. If they were full-fledged adults then I am sure the media would have been truly outraged. But hey, it is just kids bein kids, gosh darn it those lil rascals! You the media are more than willing to write articles and condemn fake news and declare it as being the absolute truth. But when three black kids post the torture of a handicapped white kid on Facebook all of you vanish like mist before the rising sun. Because let’s face it, this story does not fit the narrative you want to portray to your readers.

[Editorial Note:] Fuck you and fuck the media, you set this in motion, and none of you will ever take any responsibility for this. I hope these four “kids” get fucked by the long, hard horsecock of the law.

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