Lead technical designer at CDPR ignores journalists “bait”

So this is what video game journalism is all about these days, treating your audience like shit, and trying to shame and bully a developer into giving their opinion on something that clearly has nothing to do with the interview. Why even bring this up in the article? As in why publish this little “blurp” about how unfortunate it is they didn’t answer a question that they clearly didn’t want to answer? They took a “no comment” stance, the interviewer could have respected that and moved on with the interview.

rf7tq9xfjj7yEven when the lead technical designer took a “no response” stance, which is a perfectly legitimate stance for one to take, the interviewer still could not let it go. The way CDPR handled this was perfect not to give these types of questions the time of day. And why should they? They don’t owe the interviewer anything. Especially when they try and create drama to get a few extra clicks and sell a few extra copies. But apparently, there is no problem with video game journalism, none at all.

[Editorial Note:] Good job CDPR, ignore the shit throwing video game journalists and stay awesome, keep making amazing game with free DLC and no DRM and you will have a loyal fan for life! FYI: The magazine in question is called “Hyper” it is an Australian publication.

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