Marvel comic book sales are sinking faster than the Titanic

26f9fe1ebe8129634b5a9d9d77b8c2ddWell not like I saw this coming from a mile away. Marvel sales have sunk faster than the Titanic after hitting that iceberg, surprised? Not really no. As a lifelong comic book nerd and mostly a Marvel fanboy, I have completely dropped Marvel and have moved over to DC Comics. Could it be DC is dominating because they are focusing on good solid story telling instead of trying to address social issues through their comic books? When in fact, people want to read comic books for their entertainment value and escapism instead of being lectured and talked down to by Marvel writers? Who knew that pandering to an “audience” with hamfisted ideological bullshit is going to hurt your sales?

[Editorial Note:] It’s the future that Marvel chose for themselves. Just Ask them about their feminist agenda“.

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