How not to end your 2016…

Sad that these live performances by these talentless pop artists are so dependent on the technical support. During her performance, she first stated: “We can’t hear“. But the dancers kept dancing so they heard the music. The audience heard music. Mariah heard music but she didn’t hear her prerecorded voice to lip sync to. Only the backing track, if she was a musical artist worth her salt she could have sung to it easily.

kqk5iwpThat or she has forgotten the lyrics to her own song, which won’t surprised me. Or she sounds terrible live, once a professionally musical artist of her caliber realize things are going wrong, they would have easily improvised or would have been well prepared not in this case. You cannot improvise unless you know the words to the song. Real musical artists don’t lip-sync, period. No sympathy for her at all.

[Editorial Note:] I tried to sing along to Mariah Carey but even Mariah Carey can’t sing along to Mariah Carey. Video of her train wreck of a performance can be found here.

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