This is why we can’t have nice things…

You see See the mistake was deleting the tweet and actually giving a flying fuck, people feel too entitled with opinions these days, Steve Martin does not have to care how these people who constantly feel offended. Funny how these Social Justice Warriors are more upset and concerned with policing how different people choose their words on Twitter and social media in remembering someone rather than actually being upset with the death of said person.

All I got from Steve Martin’s tweets is that when he saw her for the first time and thought “beautiful”, then experienced her personality somehow and liked that as well. I think Carrie would have approved. It says more about his perception he had her and looking to her as a fellow actor. Just because social media gives a voice to vocal mediocrity does not suddenly give it merit. The irony is that Carrie Fisher would have loved his thoughts and most likely would have had something witty to throw back at Steve.

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