Post-truth, Adam Saleh and Delta Airlines

Apart from the fact that Adam Saleh is a scumbag who exploits his nephew’s for his clickbait YouTube videos, and that there’s is absolute nothing remotely funny about him and his videos. You have to ask yourself why did the media not properly research the facts of the incident before reporting on them? For those still out of the loop, Saleh, who is a popular comedian and YouTube star posted a video to social media websites Twitter and Facebook on December 21st claiming he and his friend, Suleiman (Slim) Alabher, were being escorted from of a Delta plane for speaking Arabic to each other and to Saleh’s mother over the phone.

adam-salehThis was not the first time this has happened, Saleh previously faked an instance of racial profiling in one of his other videos back in 2014. Saleh and his friend Sheikh Akbar appeared in a video supposedly showing them being accosted by a New York policeman for wearing traditional Islamic garb. After it was found to be a staged video by The Smoking Gun, they later updated the description to admit that the video was “a dramatization,” before eventually deleting it altogether and scurrying back to their dark corner of the internet like a bunch of cockroaches. He also claimed earlier this month to have stowed away in the luggage compartment of a flight.

Which is physically impossible as that area of the plane is not temperature controlled which meant he would have been frozen to death within an hour. Adam Saleh has a history of performing outrageous acts in the name of entertainment, including many social experiments. He pokes for a reaction and then is outraged when he gets one. So my first question is after everything is said and done is why did the media not research it properly before reporting on it? Is it because it was too much effort on their part? Or the more likely explanation would be it would have provided them with more clicks and internet traffic, because nothing sells like some good moral outrage even if it is a known prankster.

In a world where there is actual racism and people being treated like shit, this guy cries wolf for likes and money on YouTube. The next time someone is actually a victim of racism there will be people doubting them because of assholes like Adam and his cronies. I really hope he and his friends get sued by Delta and prosecuted and banned from flying for the rest of their attention seeking lives.Getting on a plane is already a scary experience for many people out there. Your life is in the hands of the pilot and everyone else who is working on that flight. And it is definitely no joke, playing on the terror and fears of other people just so you can get a few extra likes on YouTube.

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