Jonathan McIntosh has zero self-awareness

Jonathan McIntosh blocked me for suggesting the problem is not gaming or the culture that surrounds him but actually his own for making deliberate inflammatory statements. I have seen him blocking people for simply pointing out that there are other opinions than his own. He seems to be unable take the merest hint of criticism and that him somehow blocking 15000 people on Twitter justifies him saying that there is something wrong with gaming.

jmAnd it can’t possibly mean there is something wrong with him and his opinion. The fact he’s willing to openly admit that he has blocked that many people and not realize the hypocrisy of his own actions says a lot. “Gaming needs to be inclusive and represent everyone.” Accept the 15000 people who you have blocked for having a different opinion than your own. But hey, something, something sexism. Gamers are problematic and racist and him blocking 15000 people is no fault of his own.

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