Where is your God now? “Emoji” movie trailer released

This in all likelihood has to be the worst trailer I have ever seen in my entire movie-going life. This just goes to show you that after all of the endless reboots we have seen these past 3 years, that Hollywood has finally run out of ideas. And that they are now truly scraping the bottom of the idea barrel for movies. I for one am honestly surprised that a company as big as Sony Pictures can fuck so many times in 2016.

First, it was the Pixels movie and then the train smash that was the Ghostbusters reboot and now this? I honestly do not understand how the executives at Sony pictures cannot see that this is another terrible idea. Whoever put this concept and idea forward to them, need to be taken out back and shot. That way there is no danger of them entering the gene pool and also no danger of this terrible movie getting a sequel.

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3 Responses to Where is your God now? “Emoji” movie trailer released

  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    Well maybe they can cross it over with The M.I.B. or start a shared universe with PEZ.

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