“Tracer is lesbian! Take that you woman hating gamers!”

As if there isn’t a massive amount of Rule34 Overwatch porn (Warning: Definitely not safe for work content!) be it gay/straight/lesbian already on the internet that is being wanked too by thousands or even maybe millions of gamers across the world since Overwatch has been released. And judging by the Rule34 link there is absolutely no shortage of Overwatch wank material available on the internet.


So my question is where has the social justice warriors been? Thinking that announcing that she is a lesbian in some holiday comic book would somehow outrage the vast majority of gamers:

2016_12_21_11_02_59_overwatch_comic_lets_us_meet_tracer_s_girlfriend_the_mary_sueThe Mary Sue’s comment section is absolutely comedy gold.This CIS white male is crying, but for completely different reasons, though. Crying out in laughter knowing that there has been lesbian and pretty much every other flavor of Tracer porn on the internet since the game has been released. “Oh no! One of my weaknesses! Attractive women screwing each other.” And it’s not like men don’t like em some good old hot and heavy lesbian action. A fictional video game character with zero backstory sexual orientations is extremely important to me! But then again I care more about gameplay, balance, and the core mechanics than the sexual orientation of said character.

And the biggest irony of them all? The people who are whinging and whining about the reveal that Tracer is a Lesbian are the very same people who are advocating for these type of changes in the video game industry. Even in the Mary Sue article that writer  wrote she managed to take up an issue with said reveal: “It would also be great to see them incorporating this attitude into their games that are more narrative-oriented. Overwatch doesn’t have a campaign mode; its narrative elements happen entirely outside the scope of the game, in comics and animated shorts.”

pornnwhaI really do feel for the developers these days, they are fucked if they do and fucked if they don’t. Once the developers capitulate to these people’s complaints they still scream bloody murder regardless of how much they changed a game or character.


[Editorial Note:] Cheers luv, the calvary is ̶h̶e̶r̶e̶ queer! 

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