Dear Huffington Post please stop…

Huffington Post trying to defend “Japanese honor” when the Japanese clearly don’t want to be defended and have zero issues with the casting of the movie. Publications like Huffington Post are the true racists, everything is about skin color to these people. These are the same type people who tell’s gamers they are racist, misogynistic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and xenophobe for enjoying my hobby of gaming.

cwvdjafhnm4yI have spoken too many Asians fans of this page, and they have mentioned on many occasions that when they see white people loving their culture and dressing up as their characters (Cosplay) it fills them with pride because people love and appreciate their culture. The only people who care about “cultural appropriation” and “whitewashing” are self-entitled social justice warriors.

[Editorial Note:] I wrote a 3 part series on the entire “cultural appropriation” and “whitewashing” storm in a teacup here.

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