Cidney the grease monkey is too sexy for some people

Stop the press folks! Ignore the terrorists who drive trucks into crowds of people just before Christmas. The most import social issue of 2016 is how fictional characters dress-up in video games! You have to wonder just how borderline obsessive these people need to be to focus so intently on a character that in the entirety of the game does not even get that much screen time. But it is clear the singular reason why these people are hating the game and the design of Cidney is due to it falling on the wrong side of their world view and biases. Unlike the people who are constantly criticizing video game character design and who can’t do any better gamers like me happen to greatly appreciate the time and care developers take into building these characters.


Making them relatable, loveable and spawning endless fan pages and fan fiction. By all means, keep on attacking video game character designs that don’t fit your confirmation biases. Have you notice that these people only complain about realistic dress codes in video games when it comes to a woman’s body and nothing else? Meanwhile one of the main characters in the game is prancing around shirtless with rock hard abs irrespective if the situation or if the weather calls for it. Not to mention every single one of them is a perfectly looking male specimen with not a single flaw between all five of them. Should it offend me that their design is an impossible body image to aspire too? No, because it is a video game.

dq4kag1This is a video game with dragons, magic, giant turtles, and swords being conjured out of thin air, BUT a mechanic not dressing the part is not realistic at all? Really?!  Why has our culture become so anti-sex? Blood and gore is totally acceptable in various media formats but show some cleavage and the entirety of the internet loses their shit on social media. But then again Japanese society is pretty liberal when it comes to all things sex and sexualization, at least they don’t try and shame western developers into changing their video games when they create something to does not support their sensibilities.  Tabata and Ofuji touched on the subject during an interview earlier in the year before the game got released:


In before a woman cannot dress like that in real life.

“She’s not meant to be an erotic type of character. She’s meant to be very outgoing and full of energy, someone that is very active. We partnered those kinds of traits with her looks, and we didn’t think it would be embarrassing for her to be on screen while, for example, your parents are in the same room.”  As a female character in Final Fantasy XV I really admire her, she is your typical “grease monkey” mechanic who does not mind to get down and dirty when the situation calls for it. And she seems to love what she does, how many of us can say we love our jobs or love what we do? She looks and acts naturally and has a real curiosity when it comes to the pretty boy’s and even goes as to flirt with them, even though Gladiolus did not get is but the rest of the crew including Noctis got it.


Source Kukuruyo:

The first time I saw images and videos of Cidney in Final Fantasy XV my first impression was not wow she is fucken hot/sexy. The first word that popped into my head was “adorable.” or “cute”  I mean cute can be sexy sure, but I don’t find her design “sexual” in any way. From these people’s perspective, a female game character must be sexy and empowered, but not too sexy or empowered. And just sexy enough to be pleasing, but not so sexy to offend their delicate constitutions. I really do feel for the developers these days, they are fucked if they do and fucked if they don’t. Once the developers capitulate to these people’s complaints they still scream bloody murder regardless of how much they changed a game or character.

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