Transgender girl on the cover of National Geographic (2017)

Just for the record, I have no issue with the cover itself or the person on said cover. What I do take issue with are parents that have their kids go through these “transgender changes” when they aren’t even 10 yet. When they haven’t even hit puberty yet or an actual age where they would actually understand the massive gravity of the changes they want to make and how it will impact them for the rest of their lives. And honestly, I am no expert in the field but speaking of being a child myself at age 10 I really did not have much of a gender identity. These are the type of parent’s that believe in gender theory. Basically, they believe that everyone is born without a gender and that you should not force them into their born gender ignoring silly things like their biological organs.  So you raise them gender-neutral and allow them to choose what they want to be.

And this to me is child abuse plain and simple, you are talking a child that has yet to reach the age of consent and pumping them full of hormones and preparing them for sexual reassignment surgery, it’s fucking child abuse, and completely irresponsible. And I think the age of consent should not only extend to the act of sex, but also extend to things like what gender you want to identify as. It’s one thing if a boy want’s to wear a girl’s dress or a girl want’s to play with boy’s toys. It is another thing if you are making this massive life changing choices for them when he or she does not understand the implications. And it is clear from the outset this was the parent’s choice and not the child’s. “I don’t have to pretend to be a boy anymore!” Sound like something his parent’s coached him to say, that or National Geographic decided it will sell more copies by putting it front and center.

qndzg6gxzr3yThese poor kids are clearly being told to dress and act like the gender their parents want them to be. And everything they say is coached/programmed by their parents. This is a clear form of Munchhausen syndrome. I am not saying that all these children are victims of bad parents and parenting. There is clear evidence that a specific demographic of children that really fit the definition of an X trapped in a Y body. But in this situation that is not the case. Question? What happens when this kid realizes when he turns 14 that he wants to go back to being a boy? But now you have pumped him full of female growth hormones for the past 4 years, suppressing his normal growth hormones and fucking up his body. Who will be taking responsibility for screwing up this kid’s life? The parents? The kid is already irrevocably fucked up. It’s fucking child abuse.

I really feel sorry for children growing up in this age where identity politics and labels are the most import thing to other people. Let children just be fucken children. And if you parade your transgender child through the media like some sort of circus freak like these parents are doing, then I automatically assume that you are a shitty parent and that automatically means I don’t trust that you have your child’s best interests at heart, like I said earlier in my article the age of consent should be extended to cover children who think they want to transition into another sex if only to protect children from themselves, and to protect them from their child abusing narcissistic parents. That way you can protect the children’s rights and they can decide once they know the weight and gravity of a sex change the responsibility it carries.

[Editorial Note:] Guess I am going to get a lot of hate for this one as I am going against the popular opinion on social media websites and the internet.

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