Remember those death threats sent to Anita Sarkeesian?

Remember all those “credible” death threats that were made against Anita Sarkeesian back in 2014? Well, a Twitter user by the name of “Livebeef” used the Freedom Of Information Act back in 2014 to get these death threats released by the FBI. And two years later he finally received the documents. You can find all 169 pages which are heavily redacted in PDF format here. It also includes all the threats sent to Anita Sarkeesian during that time span. The reports conclude by saying that there is no outstanding evidence or leads to further investigate. As of right now, the FBI’s investigation of Gamergate is over. So am I the only one thinking that after reading some of these threats.

letter2That it was either a clever troll from an online image board judging by the slang used in the threats? Or prepare your tinfoil hats for this one: Maybe these threats came from Anita herself. Think about it, these are extremely amateurishly written threats at best. Trying extremely hard to imitate imageboard culture. If the person was really making threats on the behalf of #GamerGate and cared about the movement as a whole, then they would have known making such threats would have handed the opposition the win by default. And anyone making these types of threats would have realized that people like Anita Sarkeesian would use it to her advantage and play the victim card. Something just isn’t adding up here…

[Editorial Note:] Considering the recent Crash Override Network leaks, I would not put it past Anita Sarkeesian and the people who support her to fabricate these type of threats.

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  1. baldwinbravo says:

    “we of gamergate” lol… yeah, that doesn’t sound made up whatsoever

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