Why Cracked is wrong about video games and gamers

I simply cannot believe this “Gamers are Dead” narrative is rearing its ugly head again in the media. You would think with the advent of the Internet, it would give people the opportunity to research facts and discover the truths far more easily, but in reality, it is given tabloid media like Cracked and other clickbait websites an even bigger platform to push their agendas far more easily. I remember when Cracked used to be kinda funny. Now it just spews biased, unresearched Social Justice Warrior propaganda and nothing more. And am I the only one who is getting tired of being painted as a racist, misogynistic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and xenophobe for enjoying my hobby of gaming? Even going as far to claim that if you are a GamerGate supporter that you are in all likelihood a white supremacist.


Causally forgetting the other half of the list aren’t violent video games.

And just for the record Josh Sargent, you are a fucken hack and a piece of shit. A senior editor and columnist at a joke of a website. So first you accuse gamers like myself of holding back our entertainment medium, and then you offhandedly proceed to dismiss our experiences and misrepresent our point of view. Gamers like myself have absolutely nothing to prove and gamers have nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to enjoying their hobby. You claim to be a gamer, but the only example you can muster for a video game that has a proper story and narrative is The Last of Us, what a fucken joke. If you want an example of gameplay and story mingling properly I can mention over a dozen off-handedly: Deus-Ex, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Dragon Age, The Witcher, Firewatch just to mention a few.

“I’m such a gamer,” says he while belittling gamers and making grossly inaccurate generalizations about the hobby and the people who enjoy it. Also, fuck you. Do not tell me why I play and enjoy video games, and that I don’t presumably care about the story and only enjoy the violence aspect of video games. You, my friend, haven’t played a single fucken video game and you have no clue what goes on in the industry and the community. This unbelievably shallow, egotistical and condescending mindset you have put on display in this video is exactly one of the reasons Donald Trump was elected as president because people have grown sick of being judged and talked down to like children. I don’t like being talked down to by someone who is either lying or has no clue what they’re talking about.

volxj“All games are nothing gun violence”, “All gamers are mindless murder junkies”, “Games have no artistic merit”, “Gamers don’t care about story”  I can already see people saying: “LOL at your angry comments, you are basically proving him right.”  So the ability to make a group of people angry by claiming that the hobby they enjoy and love causes sexism and violence prove that it does? So if I go to my local gym screaming about how working out causes an increase in testosterone levels which is the cause of all violence and people get mad at my statements this proves that I am in fact correct? That retarded line of argumentation could be applied to literally anything that someone is emotionally invested in.

Presumably, mental incompetence and not doing your research properly are key requirements for working at Cracked, but then I guess the same applies to pretty much any form of video game journalism these days.  Your “evidence” for any of your claims is either non-existent or completely unreliable due to terrible sources. I mean you use Arthur Chu and Jonathan Mcintosh as credible sources. Really!? And it has been proven over and over again that Mature, violent video games don’t turn you into a gun wielding psychopath in the same way that R-rated movies don’t turn you into a bloodthirsty serial killer. The massive amounts of mental gymnastics on display in this video is just astounding. You don’t get to stand there with your lack of understanding, and then proceed to judge us.


I would recommend watching YouTuber “Rags” video on the subject as well: https://goo.gl/u9Bgjn

All your arguments are cherry-picked, so it can neatly fit into your finely crafted narrative perfectly. I would have liked to pick apart every single sentence and point you made in your 8-minute long video, but why bother? Most of my readers and indeed gamers with half a brain would know that video games offer a wide variety of experiences that don’t just revolve around the violence and the killing. Just looking at the top selling physical and digital games of 2016 you can see they cater to every demographic, from shooters and RPGs to strategy games and simulators. But when everything is said and done, you and your shitty publication are a pathetic excuse of an online publication, willing to throw gamers like me under the bus to further your own moral agendas.

[Editorial Note:] Not linking to the original video, I don’t want to give them the extra clicks, but if you want to put yourself through the torture and the mental gymnastics of watching the video just Google: “5 Ways Gamers Are Holding Back The Games They Love”

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