20% is now the pass mark for maths in South Africa

So you think the whole American election was a circus, do you? And that the presidential candidates were a joke? Well, do you want to hear a real joke? In addition to South Africa’s failing education system, the ANC government has decided in all of its infinite wisdom to drop the pass rate for all subjects down to 30%. Yes folks you heard right to pass you only need to know 30% of a subject, but to make things worse they recently announced that you now only need 20% to pass mathematics when you are in Grade 7 to Grade 9. And these folks is South Africa in a nutshell, why work your ass off to achieve something when you can just lower the bar for all those “special snowflakes”.  And this is exactly what they meant with ‘decolonizing‘ our universities and science.


This is already showing in the job market when your employees have trouble spelling Cheese Burger Pie. So instead of fixing and addressing the problem and issues in the education system better teachers, training, materials, etc. By lowering the bar, you are not helping anyone, in the long run, least of all the kids who will just scrape by are the ones who will be pulling on the short end of the stick. They just lower the standard, and when the time comes to announce the pass rates for children in our schools at the end of each year. They gloat over the 80-90% pass rate and crown it as an amazing achievement. This is why South African matric and other related qualifications have zero worth in the rest of the world.

[Editorial Note:] Maths has now been officially been decolonized. Viva the revolution my African comrades! Let’s decolonise the entire education system so that we can have the same maths and literacy levels as the leader of our banana republic.

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