2016: Two kinds of people, two kinds of reactions


This single image pretty much sums up 2016 perfectly. On the on the left, we have the constantly offended and on the right we have people who don’t give a fuck. Before the down of the Social Justice age, you could expect that people be considerate of each other’s problems, and that is where it stopped.  Not in the year that is 2016, now everyone is playing the emotions/feelings police, and you are expected to capitulate to their every demand. Mad or perpetually offended or triggered? Too fucking bad, not my problem. You aren’t a special snowflake, so suck it up buttercup you aren’t the only one with problems.

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  1. No, we’re SNOWFLAKES, but we need to STOP BITCHING and ENJOY LIFE!!! Regardless of how shitty it may be, if you’re not dead or being tortured, BE HAPPY!! Yeash!

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