The Video Game Awards has become a joke

So after the dust has settled and everything is said and done, I have a few things I would like to say about The Video Game Awards, specifically how the people hosting it and the media seem to have lost touch with their fanbase and reality itself. I think I should address the elephant in the room first, or should I say the Japanese developer in the room. Remember when I spoke about The Cult of Kojima well it was in full swing during The Game Awards ceremony of 2016. In what possibly could be the most cringe-worthy award and award speech in the history of the industry. The Doritos Pope Geoff Keighley gave what I can only describe as an overblown, ridiculous, and pretty cringe-worthy speech and award to his friend Hideo Kojima.

9a5And why may you ask was Hideo Kojima deserving of this award? Well because know one knows why really other than the obvious fact the Geoff and Kojima are BFF’s. Don’t get me wrong Kojima deserves the respect and praise he receives, but he certainly isn’t God-Tier developer everyone makes him out to be. But giving him a “participation” trophy for doing nothing is complete and utter bullshit in my opinion. There are so many other game directors out there who have done way more for the development of the medium than Kojima and who get zero attention, and this award given to Kojima “just because” is a big giant middle finger to the developers by the awards and the industry. And these people wonder why they aren’t taken seriously anymore.

1301I like Witcher. I really, really do. Hell, I consider it to be one of the best RPGs in the damn existence. And I absolutely loved the Blood and Wine DLC. But I believe that DLC should not be eligible for a nomination, no matter how good it is. Especially DLC for a game that came out in 2015 and not the current year. Followed by Street Fighter V which is in itself a solid fighter but it had a disastrous launch with day-one DLC characters and stages, not to mention the entire PC rootkit debacle where they had to recall millions of copies of the game. Brand recognition is the only reason why Street Fighter V won in my opinion, especially when you consider there are for more competent fighter games out there including King of Fighters XIV.

8cf2157c49f95eb45206afbccdaddbd4-650-80 I left the most controversial winner for last, Overwatch and the one I will get the most hate for. It stands out like a sore thumb due to it being a game without a campaign or a story and solely a multiplayer experience. And year after year these awards have gone to games with a story and a campaign at their forefront. But having said that, I think it deserves GOTY despite me being indifferent to the game. Honestly, Blizzard created an entirely new universe using a brand new IP, which resonated with so many fans. Not to mention the fact that they broke into a market and managed to sustain a huge multiplayer presence in an industry which is dominated by the likes of CS:GO, Dota, and LoL. And that alone is an achievement on its own.

[Editorial Note:] The video game awards have turned into obvious “ego masturbation”, super-safe popularity picks, nonsensical categories, and shameless product placement and advertising.


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