Dissecting the trailer for The Last of Us 2

So first can I just say holy shit! All of the retarded crap that has happened over the course of  2016 has been washed away by a single video game trailer. For those of you who have been living under a rock the last 24 hours, Naughty Dog has released a trailer for The Last of Us 2. And honestly the manly man that I am watching the trailer had me welling up, they even included the ivy-covered window from the opening menu of the first game.


Warning what I am about to discuss is going to spoil the events of the first game and most likely the plot of the second game, so take this as a fair warning do not go beyond this point if you want the entire franchise spoiled for you.


So after watching the trailer for the second time and having the initial excitement wear off, I noticed a few things which I will highlight with some screen caps as well. The game ended with Joel saving Ellie from The Firefly’s who wanted to remove the infected portion of Ellie’s brain, which will kill her in order to create a vaccine. Unwilling to let Ellie die he rescues her and in the process kills the doctors and one of the leaders of The Fireflies. On their way out of the city, Joel lies to Ellie about what has happened claims that the Fireflies had found many other people who are immune but were unable to create a cure. Shielding her from the actual truth.


Ellie all grown up now.

During the events of The Last of Us Ellie was around 14 years old. If The Last of Us Wikia is to believed. In the new trailer, we can see that Ellie is now all grown up and around 19 years old. Which means the trailer takes place 5 years after the event’s in the first game. The open sequence is basically a roadside sign that has The Firefly’s logo sprayed all over it so we can assume that they have gained a lot of influence and increased in size over the last 5 years.


The second thing we get to see or in this case hear is the song that Ellie sings while playing the guitar, the song is titled: “Through the Valley” originally sung by Shawn James. The lyrics include: “I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I fear no evil because I’m blind to it all. My mind and my gun they comfort me, because I know I’ll kill my enemies when they come.” Which in my mind points to the fact that Ellie is preparing for a final showdown with the Fireflies while deep in their territory, who have most likely been chasing her since the events of the first game.

Also evident by the fact that all the dead bodies in the house are those of people who aren’t clickers or the infected. And which I can only assume are members of the Firefly group that are chasing her.


And the scene that has most fans of the franchise go absolutely going batshit insane of was the apparent appearance of Joel during the trailer. Now prepare your tinfoil hats for this one folks:

tinfoilmain615But here is the thing, I think Joel has been dead for more than a year already maybe even longer. And what we are seeing is a figment of Ellie’s imagination. Because we only get glimpses of him and from what we have seen he has not aged at all. So it is safe to assume that he got killed by The Fireflies while protecting Ellie, further prove when Joel asks her: ” What are you doing Kiddo, are you really going through with this?”

vlcsnap-2016-12-04-12h36m12s987 And she replies: ” I am going to find, and I am going to kill, every last one of them.” And that look she gives us the viewer is of someone who is out for blood and revenge. Not to mention that Naughty Dog stated you will be playing the entirety of the game as Ellie. I am guessing Joel will be playing the role of her conscience as she struggles with what she is doing and questioning her actions. And last but not least does this window look familiar:


Yes, it is the exact same window we got to see when you were in the menu of the first game, a nice little nod towards the fans of the original game. I think that pretty much sums it up for me dissecting the trailer for The Last of Us 2. I don’t usually over think or analyze the type of things, but the amount of hype I have for this title is well above anything I have ever had for any video game title since becoming a gamer. Now we are going to have to wait two years till we actually get to play it….

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