The media’s glorification of Cuba’s “beloved” El Presidente

What fucken year is this? And on what fucken planet am I on? Seriously I have to ask. The fact that there are so many public figures praising Fidel Castro’s image, is mind boggling to me. Considering after the death despot dictator Fidel Castro, world leaders and especially the media have been singing this man’s praises. In before but America has committed far worse atrocities because remember when criticizing despot dictators like Fidel Castro we always need to point out other Western countries transgressions. The same people who sing Fidel Castro’s praises are the one who goes: “BUT DUH UNITED STATES” whenever any dictator gets criticized for their heinous actions against their own people.

cheAs if those somehow invalidate this horrible man’s existence. I always found this knee jerk reaction to be pretty strange, no country is fucking perfect and no country pretends to be. And bringing up other countries transgressions seems to be a way to deflect criticism from the real issue. But it seems every dictator has his apologists , even Hitler, just not so much. These are the same hipster douche nozzles who walk around with their hipster outfits, coffee in hand wearing a Che Guevara t-shirts. The very same Che Guevara, who liked to blow little children’s head’s off with his pistol. He was no symbol of freedom, but instead, he was an international terrorist and mass murderer.

castro-tyrant-guevaraI think it comes down to some of these people really wanting to believe communism would work but not having a successful example of it being put into practice. These people are trying to defend him and arguing that people like myself are “cherry picking” and “ignoring the good”. How does the minimal good outweigh the colossal bad here? How the fuck might I ask you? Exactly how can he be separated from every other dictator ever? This is especially aimed at folks like Justin Trudeau the prime minister of Canada who sung this man’s praises. I will be totally honest here when I heard of his death I was happy. Good riddance. Fidel Castro was a truly evil man, and I for one am glad he is dead, the world is a better place without him.

[Editorial Note:] So let’s all raise a shot of Bacardi to Cuba’s “beloved” El Presidente and hope he does not have to wait long for the last of his friends to join him in hell.

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