Please welcome Dale from “That Baka Blog”

[Editorial Note:] After writing more than 1467 posts on my own for Suitably Bored I have decided to reach out to my fan base and ask if anyone would be interested in writing for my blog. Dale from “That Baka Blog” reached out to me asking if he could write for Suitably Bored, I accepted. So please give a warm welcome to Dale from “That Baka Blog” and let’s hope he becomes a regular on this blog.

baka-blog“Hello there, internet. I’m Dale and I’m the writer for That Baka Blog. I am currently studying towards my honours degree in Film Studies at UCT (University of Cape Town) and would describe myself as a modern day geek. I am an avid fan of anime and gaming and love to write down my thoughts and feelings on them from time to time. I hope you enjoy my content and hope to hear your opinions on what I write.”

Blog: That Baka Blog  Twitter: Xperimance 

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