Wanting a developer to deliver does not make me self-entitled

Entitled Gamers“, how I hate that fucken phrase…mostly because it gets thrown around by the video game press and media without them knowing how to use the phrase properly. “Entitled Gamers” has reared its ugly head again with the new update for No Man’s Sky titled: “Founder’s Update.  With some media outlets and gamers (No Man’s Sky fanboys) calling people who refuse to acknowledge the new update as Hello Games attempt at fixing the broken mess that is No Man’s Sky as being entitled. Am I one of those self-entitled gamers? I am, and I definitely won’t deny it. Video games are all about pleasing the fans, and you cannot deny that. If you please fans of any given franchise, they will come back for more and keep on supporting your product.


Nerd rage activated in 3..2..1..HULK SMASH!

I don’t think that it is unreasonable for fans of No Man’s Sky and Hello Games, who have invested their time and money into their game to ask where all the promised features went. I don’t expect my hamburger to look exactly like the one pictured on the menu, but dammit if it says “comes with two slices of cheese” there better be two slices of cheese on the damn thing! And if harshly criticizing and calling out a company for their obvious lies makes me a whiny self-entitled gamer then I don’t know what to say. Now I am not saying that there aren’t entitled gamers out there if you go onto Twitter and either sends a death threat to a developer or tell them to go kill themselves because they nerfed one of your favorite guns in a game. That makes you a self-entitled asshole.


Fuck you too buddy!

But signing a petition to get a game released on another platform, or questioning why a developer has not made good on promises made during the development of a game does not make you a “Entitled Gamer.”  The gaming press and media and No Man’s Sky fanboys are acting like people should not be angry for being deceived and lied to be developers like Hello Games. Gamers should realize how disruptive these practices are, and how ethically questionable they really are. It might seem like a form of over-entitlement, and pettiness, to complain about these things when we’ve got real world issues like world hunger, and war, but the sad indictment facing the gaming community today is that developers are creating these problems and gamers are supporting them by buying their products.

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