The Prophet of “Doom”

You know sometimes something can be so batshit unbelievably crazy that it is borderline science fiction, but then again I live in a country where students want to abolish science and re-teach people science “The African Way” and want student fees to fall but can’t even spell the word Cheese Burger Pie correctly. And when you point out the flaws in their argument you get called out as being a chauvinistic white racist with plenty of privilege. But then again this is a system of ignorance being perpetuated by people in power, who preach their bullshit and make their money off the ignorant. You could easily blame religion for this, but it goes far deeper than just religion.

These are “smart”criminals and con artists who are taking advantage of the ignorant and uneducated masses, who peddle their bullshit cures to people who are so desperate for medical care that they are willing to go to one of these con-men in the hopes that getting sprayed in the face with insecticide will cure them. This is an utter and complete failure of the education and health system, and the blame can be placed right at the feet of our government. This is the very same government who are keeping these people ignorant so that they can keep voting for them and keep them in power, while they are living it up and spending tax money on luxury cars and houses.

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