PSA: No Man’s Sky update is out but…

I see a lot of people jumping on the No Man’s Sky hype train again after the recently announced Foundation Update haven’t we learned anything from the past people?  A new update won’t magically change the fact that there are still literally 6 pages of features missing out of the final game that was promised to us by Sean Murray and Hello Games. Not to mention that for almost 3 months none of the people at Hello Games or Sean Murray himself addresses the issues with their games broken launch and missing features. There was absolute radio silence on their website and social media , bar for a rather strange Tweet that claimed the game should have never happened. Hello Games completely failed to communicate with the games fanbase once the game was released.

maxresdefaultHow many gamers’s would have canceled their pre-orders if they knew they would be treated like a bunch of mushrooms kept in the dark and fed shit. I can already hear people saying: “But they deserve a second chance.”  They already had a chance to come clean and address the issues regarding the miss features and the broken launch, did they? No. Did they address the lies about multiplayer that Sean Murray spread during his interviews? No. They were given ample opportunities to redeem themselves countless times and they did not take it. And that alone speaks volumes when to comes to Hello Games and Sean Murray’s honesty in this entire debacle.

[Editorial Note:] If we allow companies like Hello Games to get away with this kind of bullshit they will continue to fuck us over at every opportunity they get and keep on delivering mediocre products to us the gamers, because they have now seen that they can get away with it.

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