Ghost Busters sequel not likely according to Paul Feig

Oh man don’t you just love Karma, especially if someone else is on the receiving end? I am not one to dance on the graves and misfortunes of others, but can I just state for the record to Sony, Paul Feig and the cast and crew of the rebooted Ghost Busters. Fuck you for shitting all over the fanbase and treating them like garbage and painting us in the media as basement dwelling woman haters.

volxjThis is karma coming back to fuck you in the ass with a 16″ strap-on with no lube. Who would have thought that insulting the fans of the property you were working on was a sound business strategy? The same fans that made the property the cult classic it is today. I can already see the media coming out in mass to defend this “noble work” that was so “unjustly” rejected because of universal anti-woman hatred from the Patriarchy.

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