BBC misrepresents female e-sports players

And people wonder why I despise the general media and gaming press so much. Is when they pull such dishonest shit as misrepresenting female gamer’s and the issue of online abuse without even blinking and being totally unapologetic about it and not making a single move to correct it. Advertising the garbage they produced as being the absolute truth on the issue. Julia Kiran, a professional Counter-Strike player, has reported on Twitter that the BBC has misrepresented her views and statements.

This happened during an interview with her and Steph Harvey on “sexism in e-sports.”, the article can be found here. All of the female gamer’s who were interviewed have said that number one they didn’t want to make this into a gender issue as bullying is a problem for everyone involved. And two that they would not have agreed to the interview if they knew what the final product would have looked like.  What the BBC did was an utter and complete subversion.

honestyTricking these female gamer’s into giving an unbiased account, misrepresent that account as the narrative that all gamers are evil woman-hating trolls, posting these accounts making these female gamer’s look like an enemy to the rest of the gaming community and then using the backlash they receive as evidence for this narrative they created. Turning your head and looking the other way when it comes to poor journalism like this, is the worst thing you can do, you need to call out their bullshit immediately.

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