“Anime Expert”: GITS live action movie wont appeal to fans

I have been a fan of Anime about as long as I have been a gamer, but recently I have been putt off by the amount of elitism going on in the hobby and the fandom as a whole. Not that the video game industry is any better when you look at the rampant fanboyism going on in regards to what hardware people play games on. But when it comes the Anime fandom it is way more prominent and easy to notice, especially their rabid purist views on things like life action movies or different adaptations of franchises they love. Now before I start I am well aware that people are allowed to decide whether or not they will support a life actions movie adaption, but it is clear from the outset that Digibro went into this with a negative point of view. Not even trying to view the positive aspects that might come out of this movie.

Like, for instance, the fact that the movie might attract a whole new audience who will then actively go out and read the Manga and watch the movies and the TV series, and be exposed to a whole new form of entertainment. That in itself is already a big plus point, irrespective if the movie is going to be good or bad. Not to mention beyond Anime circles the franchise is not that well known, so it might just reach an audience that is not normally exposed to these types of movies and shows. So it seems extremely selfish to say “Why bother to make a Ghost in the Shell movie”  I am pretty sure (I hope) that Digibro and all the Anime elitist fans out there are intelligent enough to acknowledge that this movie won’t be catering to their extremely “good” tastes in live action remakes.


A perfect example of why Anime as a fandom get’s a bad rap on the internet.

His rant comes off as extremely self-entitled as if the only reason why this movie is being made his for him and Anime fans, and disregarding the positive aspects that might come from this movie. While he does raise some valid points throughout his rant video, he invalidates pretty much all of them when he uses the word “SUCKS” as part of his videos subject line. Let’s face it saying something sucks is more of a statement than an actual opinion. The type of statement a 9-year-old would make when told to eat all his vegetables at the dinner table. I haven’t watched much of his other stuff but in some of his other video’s he comes off as being an elitist condescending snob who disables comments on his videos to avoid having people disagreeing with his opinion.

[Editorial Note:] As a long time Anime fan, and a fan of the franchise I can accept an acknowledge that this movie will definitely not be a hardcore adaptation of the Anime. And that it is not aimed at me but at a much broader movie audience, having said that. I will still go watch and support the movie even if it is just to quell my own curiosity.

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3 Responses to “Anime Expert”: GITS live action movie wont appeal to fans

  1. Cirsova says:

    I like the complaint of ‘missing the spirit of the original’.
    They should’ve had Michael Bay make it a buddy cop movie that revolves on the awkwardness and sexual tension between Kusanagi and Togusa & Batou.

    Also: “Why make if they’re gonna make it the same as the original?” followed by “Ermegerd, they changed something!”

    Dangerous Opinion: Oshii’s GitS movie was trash. Dominion Tank Police was the only adaptation that’s ever done a Shirow comic justice.

  2. Karandi says:

    What is the point of disliking someone (or threatening to kill them?) because they like a movie you don’t? And why would you compare an anime adaptation to Suicide Squad?
    Anyway, I’m still on the fence about whether I’m looking forward to the Ghost in the Shell movie or not but I’m enjoying that the movie has gottent people talking about the story and sharing the teasers nad the trailer and just any information that comes to light. And as you pointed out, there may be people who’ve never heard of the original who will find something to like about it and then go back to the original material.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • larch says:

      Yeah I am a hardcore fan of things like Anime, Manga, Video Games. But I realize that these adaptation aren’t aimed at me. Sometimes I just go watch them out of pure curiosity.

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