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As some of my regular readers might have seen, my blog has recently slanted heavily towards anti-feminism and anti-social justice opinion pieces. Moving away from my traditional reporting on Gaming, Geek and entertainment news. Some people have viewed this new move as being overly negative, yes sure the topics and subject matter I cover is pretty negative by themselves. But that does not mean I am in a negative frame of mind when writing these opinion pieces. On the contrary, I decided to take my blog into this direction due to the ever growing level of social justice activity that has basically infected the hobbies and activities I love and enjoy.

blackbirdAnd no I don’t have an issue with woman or any other minority being involved in or taking part in the same activities and hobbies as I do. I and many other people like myself don’t view the entertainment industry or the hobbies we participate in as some exclusive club where only white privileged boys are allowed in, as some popular media outlets want us to believe. But what I do take issue with is the infection that is the social justice movement, that has basically infiltrated every aspect of the entertainment industry with little or no resistance whatsoever. And you may ask but why bother? Just ignore them and go on with your life.

That is and was the type of mentality and reasoning that got us here in the first place. And the only way we are going to get these people and the social justice movement and media that supports them out is by banding together countering every single retarded article or opinion piece they write with one of our own. Political Correctness is now widely being used as a tool by the mainstream media and by the Social Justice movement to silence people with different viewpoints or opinions into submission. People like myself are getting sick of being called out as being sexist, homophobic or racist. And being told because we were born white, male and “privileged” that we are somehow guilty of causing most of the worlds problems.

679168237Social Justice demands that people recognize a minorities privilege based on their race or gender, and in most cases at the cost of another minority or race. Then they use that recognition to force it onto other people to conform to what they want, instead of trying to integrate with the rest of society. And when you don’t want that social recognition forced down on you, then you get attacked and ostracized by the media. Is it important to respect other people’s lifestyles and cultures? Absolutely! But it also important to protect free speech, even if it means some people will get offended along the way. Social Justice is just a different type of prejudice dressed up as being the moral “right side” of the argument.

TL;DR: I have decided to “push back” in my own little way, using my blog and my opinion pieces to counter this insane politically correct culture that is growing around myself and my hobbies. If everyone starts doing this and reject this movement, it won’t be long before we would be able to cut this cancerous growth out of society and go on with our lives.

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