When the race/nationality of an augmented cyborg triggers you

So a new Ghost in the Shell trailer has been released, and pretty surprisingly it actually looks pretty good, yes there are a few minor issues I have with it. But as a whole, I am pretty impressed by it. This coming from someone who watched both movies, Standalone Complex and even the new lackluster TV series. But as always the whitewashing cry babies weren’t far behind in the YouTube comment section not to mention Twitter and Facebook. But the irony and the level of self-awareness by these people are beyond mind-numbing, 99% of these special snowflakes that are complaining are white. And when an actual Asian person comments and says that he is fine with the casting choices this happens:


All these white Social Justice Warriors demanding that whitewashing stops, actual Asian person points out that he is fine with the casting and that the movie looks decent and he is promptly told that his opinion is wrong and that he does not matter and that his logic is flawed. HOW IS THAT FOR FUCKEN IRONY?! Motoko Kusanagi’s physical body is cybernetic. It technically has no race. It is an amalgamation of machinery you fuck sticks. She even mentions multiple times that she does not remember what nationality she is. I extensively covered the topic in here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. And judging from the video below most Japanese people don’t care as long as they do a proper job:

I also covered the video here. When a black or an Asian actor plays white character: “Skin color doesn’t matter, they’re obviously perfectly for the role” White actor plays Black/Asian character: “Triggered! Racism! Whitewashing! Hollywood hates minority groups!” Just because a character is Japanese doesn’t mean you can just pick up some random Asian actor because they “look the part.” Asians aren’t just one race. You have Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, ect. Not every Asian is Jackie Chan or Lucy Liu. Which opens a whole new can of worms.  There are so many better examples of whitewashing, not to mention more divisive examples. There are examples that actually have the people who have been whitewashed upset. This is not that movie.

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