Trump Saltmining Inc. aka Trumpocalypse

In a stunning lack of self-awareness by anti-trump and Hillary supporters even more so by the Social Justice Warriors. In their quest to label all Trump supporters and everyone who does not agree with them then you are either a racist, xenophobic or misogynistic, they now have become the supposed thing they have been fighting. Even more ironic is they are showing more racist, xenophobic and misogynistic tendencies than any of Donald Trumps supporters. The only difference is they do it publically openly and without any shame.


Just look at all that lovely tolerance….

And remember all those movie stars that said they will be leaving if Trump is voted into power? I Haven’t seen them pack their bags yet? But they are more than welcome to book a ticket and come spend their American dollars here in South Africa, it would give our economy a welcome boost. The fucken level of arrogance by these celebrities is just astounding. Do you even realize how fucken arrogant you really are? You are basically threatening that if you candidate does not win you are going to leave the country.


As I South African I would welcome you I mean your money into our country.

Your egos are so over inflated that you would think you leaving the country would have any impact on America or the people who voted. Guess again people have stopped listening to your opinions years ago. And of course, they will not leave the comfort of their own home and country or stick to their word. Because it is pretty obvious that their loyalty lies with comfort, money and greed. They are shallow vapid human beings with only their own interests at heart. And they could care less about you or the country the live in.


Chu Chu Train with his usual adult behavior…

The 2016 American election was free, fair and democratic. The fact of the matter is that the anti-trump supporters and the biased media are all to blame for this. You built up Trump as some unfathomable monster and a supposed Hitler, you vilified him at every opportunity you got. You shamed him, his wife and family. You shame anyone who dared support him and called them all out as being racist, xenophobic or misogynistic. And you act surprised when people went and voted for him just to spite you.

untitled-12And when all was said and done when you did not get your way and the candidate you did not vote for got elected what do you resort to? The exact same thing you accused Trump and anyone who supported him. And just like petulant spoiled little children instead of accepting that this was in part your and the media’s fault you seek to place the blame somewhere else. Grow the fuck up realize that you made the bed and now you are going to get fucked in that bed for the next 4 years, better grab the lube because it is going in dry.

[Editorial Note:] This will be my first and last post on this subject, I just had to comment on the amount of salt being thrown around on social media and the blatant double standards being displayed by those who pride themselves as being anti-Trump.

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