No TotalBiscuit this is not how you treat your audience…

No TotalBiscuit this is not how you treat the audience your audience who made you what you are today. After your last rant regarding Bethesda’s so-called “anti-consumer” policy, I have lost all but the last little respect I had for you. Not that it means much to a big internet gaming celebrity like yourself, but know that I am not the only one who feels like you have turned into the monster you once fought so hard against. Remember when Leigh Alexander and company attacked you after hearing you had cancer because you had an opinion different than their own? And how they tried shunning you out of the gaming community? And you eventually left social media to focus on your health? I am sure your fans and the rest of the internet remembers all of this.

3xxdaiaSo please tell me TotalBiscuit where do you get off telling people who voted for Trump that they aren’t welcome anymore as your audience? Does that not make you a two faced hypocrite who now by his own actions is doing the exact same thing that Leigh Alexander and her ilk tried to do to you? And then taking it a step further and being an absolute cunt to your wife on social media because she dared to vote 3rd party? I feel absolutely terrible for his wife Genna, it is one thing to act like a douchebag towards the audience who basically made you. But a totally different thing when you act like that against your own wife who has stood by you during your most trying times and has been there for you during your entire cancer ordeal.

She had the following to say on social Twitter after TotalBiscuit’s Twitch rant : ” Lost respect for so many people tonight… It doesn’t matter how you voted anymore. We’re all in this together America. Pls feel free to unfollow or w/e if you believe I’ve screwed over this country for making an informed decision in “voting for” vs against.. I’ve been a Libertarian for yrs and have voted as such. 5% means more choices for 2020. The future deserves options, not lesser of 2 evils. I apologize, because according to my husband I’ve allowed Hitler to win the election for exercising my right as a United States citizen.” I am absolutely amazed that someone as intelligent TotalBiscuit swallowed the media and celebrity bullshit of Trump being literally comparable to Hitler.

John "TotalBiscuit" Bain - PortraitOver half, the American voting public voted for Trump. Is he genuinely asserting that half of America is racist, xenophobic or misogynistic? And I think plenty of those people won’t appreciate being called racists, just for supporting their candidate of choice. It is really sad to see TotalBiscuit join the long ranks of celebrities who don’t understand why people voted for Trump. TotalBiscuit I have some advice for you: Lashing out against a potential part of your audience was a bad idea, calling them out as being racist, xenophobic or misogynistic because they voted trump was even a worse idea. Just remember TotalBiscuit the very same people you are now shunning are the ones who got you where you are today, so how about treating them with the same respect they have treated you with?

[Editorial Note:] When you stood for GamerGate supporters like myself, I defended you. When you were diagnosed with cancer I supported you. Today as per your request I will no longer be a follower of you or support you.

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2 Responses to No TotalBiscuit this is not how you treat your audience…

  1. Roger Stoll says:

    TB has used the “audience” line far too often. Hell some people cracked jokes at whats-her-name’s expense and he was suddenly shooing them out the door as well. As much as I like his commentary, even his update to this saying he overreacted shows how little in check he is.

  2. larch says:

    I deleted all the comments because I have zero fucks to give about the internet feels of anti-Trump supporters. It has zero bearing on TotalBiscuit acting like a douche towards his own wife and supporters. Any other comments will be deleted if it has nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

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