PSA: Mass Effect Designer Manveer Heir is a racist asshole

This is a public service announce just to remind people after the release of the latest Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer that one of it’s designers Manveer Heir is a racist asshole. And the fact that Bioware and EA allows this clown to keep going on his racist Twitter rants speaks absolutely volumes on the companies views on these kinds of things. And am I the only one who thinks the developer from the team or the publisher themselves should have stepped up and told him to shut-up and sit down. By not doing so they are showing that his behaviour is supported and acceptable for them.

dzl7q2uIt is flat out racism of which there is zero excuse for, only difference here is that if he was white and his rant’s were aimed at any other minority. He would have been fired and out on his ass in a second, but it is okay because he’s not white so he get’s a free pass on being called out as a racist. If we really believe racism is bad and believe in equality for everyone on the planet, then everyone should operate on the same principle that we are all equal. And as such need to be called out for our actions and what they say irrespective of the color of your skin or your heritage. Double standards, ladies and gentlemen!

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2 Responses to PSA: Mass Effect Designer Manveer Heir is a racist asshole

  1. Cedz says:

    Have to agree with you here mate. It is funny how the one race gets to get away with it and the company does not even bother taking him on. How many people have we heard of were fired because of what they said in social media.

    Guess everyone is treated fair, some just more fair than others.
    Enjoy your weekend mate!

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