How Mass Effect: Andromeda avoids dealing with ME3’s ending

I absolutely adored the Mass Effect franchise, I loved the expansive universe the massive amount of story and lore included in the game, not to mention the 100’s of codex entries that explain everything not mentioned in the game. I absolutely loved how all of your choices mattered in the game and how everything you did shaped the games universe until I finished Mass Effect 3. And got to see the pick your own color ending after spending more than 240 hours in the franchise,  growing with the characters and getting attached to them. Only to have the Bioware writers take a big fat fucken dump on the ending of the game not to mention fans of the franchise, after repeatedly promising us that all our choices in the game will matter in the end.

andromedaIt was either fuse with the synthetics and die. Control the synthetics and die. Destroy them “including allies and friends” and die.  And that after specifically promising fans of the franchise that your choices will matter in the end and that it would not have an “A, B, or C” ending. The ending ended up being so random and detached from everything that happened in the rest of the games, not to mention some of the planet-sized plot holes the endings left behind. That fans started a petition for a better ending, but at that point, it was already so broken that the new fixed ending only served to paint over the cracks and make the ending just a little less broken.

The ending of a story is one of the most important parts of a story for me, yes you can have an amazing build-up and storytelling arch but if you fuck up the ending then you basically ruin everything the story as built up. Which was the case with the Mass Effect franchise. Not to mention the stunt that EA and BioWare pulled with their day 1 DLC for Mass Effect 3.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not against Day 1 DLC, however, I am against what the DLC was actually for. Mass Effect 3′s Day 1 DLC contained an extra character, namely the Prothean. Alongside the Prothean came all the missions which were based around him. The DLC character is linked to the dominant civilization which Mass Effect’s story is basically built on.

vlcsnap-2016-06-13-12h21m13s744-0To me, it seems to be a pretty vital part of the Mass Effect universe. The Protheans are so relevant to the story that it boggles the mind that you need to pay extra for something so important. That was another definite slap in the face to all fans of the franchise, and to many the last straw that broke the camels back. So now you have to ask yourself how will the writers at Bioware manage to write themselves out of the corner they have written themselves into and make EA the millions of dollars? After it was announced that Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place 600 years after the events of the last game. Everyone including myself assumed it would take into account the final events in the last game as well.

Mass Effect’s Andromeda Initiative website has been updated with new details that explain launch of the Andromeda Initiative in 2185. According to the Mass Effect Wikia the launch of project Andromeda takes place right after the events of Mass Effect 1 but before Mass Effect 2. Which is rather convenient don’t you think? It effectively means the writers at Bioware do not need to touch on the dumpster fire that is the ending of Mass Effect 3. Because all the characters  from Andromeda were in stasis traveling to a new solar system, meaning that they would be totally unaware of what was happening with the reapers and the Milkyway system. Don’t get me wrong I get that Andromeda is a new story.

mass-effect-andromeda-gameplay-asariBut it feels weird that there is no definitive or canonical order to the new entry in the franchise, shoehorning and retconning is lazy writing especially when it comes to big franchise games like the Mass Effect franchise. Because there are a few things that would not make sense, nowhere to my knowledge does the Andromeda Initiative get mentioned anywhere in any of the games. Also, Laira not knowing about the project is basically impossible since she is The Shadow Broker at that point in the timeline. This feels like a slap in the face of fans like myself that Bioware chose to ignore the last game in the franchise completely. And while I am hopeful this just seems like a way out for EA and Bioware to make money off fans of the franchise. Hopefully, I am wrong…

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