Checking my trolling, chauvinistic white racist privilege

I tend to avoid getting too vocal about politics on my blog, though I do write about it from time to time. But like many other fellow South Africans who are getting tired of the morally corrupt government and the people who keep flaming the racial fires. And people like myself are now standing up to these people and saying enough is enough. So I recently wrote an opinion piece, regarding  a comment that a so-called South African “journalist” Pontsho Pilane made on Facebook recently. And like clockwork I got this comment from someone called: “azzyterror1” calling me a troll, chauvinist, and a white racist.


You see folks and none South African readers. In South Africa being called a racist has lost all meaning. Because people like Pontsho Pilane and Azzyterror1 liberally use it to silence people who do not agree with their opinions and point of view. Because there is nothing worse than being labeled a racist in this country, so it is regularly used against people to silence their opinion in fear of being called a racist. Lucky for me these unfounded accusations are like water off a duck’s back, because calling someone that without any real evidence to back it up and just because they disagreed with you is being morally and intellectually dishonest.

[Editorial Note:] But being the nice troll, chauvinist, and a white racist I am I approved her comment. Which also affords me the right to also publish her reply to my article.

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