Pontsho Pilane our own South African feminist

Pontsho Pilane is an unfortunate product of South Africa’s education system, and who calls herself a so-called “health journalist” with political views, like most South African journalists with delusions of grandeur. Who started her writing career for The Daily Vox a trashy online publication that is more about pushing political agendas than actually reporting on the facts. They are the same type of people in our current education system that believes #ScienceMustFall. And who are currently making getting an education at many of South Africa’s universities with the #FeesMustFall almost impossible. So like many other vocal journalists she decided to take to Facebook and post this:

part-1So judging by everything she has said in her above post we can basically surmise that if we want to save South Africa, people like Pontsho Pilane can stick their finger up their ass play the blame game and demand from others to make the change happen. Instead of getting off their own asses and make the change happen. But then again these are the same people who still blame apartheid that ended 22 years ago for their current failures. Fail in your studies? Must be apartheid’s fault. Water shortages? Must be apartheid’s fault. Eskom, SABC and South African Airways failing? Must be apartheid’s fault. A generation of people raised to have zero accountability and take zero responsibility for their own actions.

screenshot-2016-11-05-22-06-29No surprise though these are the same people who voted the ANC into power and keep them in power with every election. A corrupt, incompetent government that is a reflection of the society that voted it into power. But hey let’s not blame our incompetent and corrupt government for South Africa’s social problems, but rather blame so-called “white privilege” and a movement that ended 22 years ago. Though the irony is not lost on me when people like Pontsho Pilane talk about “white privilege” using her latest laptop/smartphone to tweet and post articles on Facebook, wearing those nice clothes of her. When 20% of South Africa live in extreme poverty  and 45%, which means you Pontsho Pilane you are more privileged that 65% of South Africa. Irony much?

[Editorial Note:]  I really wanted to pick apart her Facebook post, but it would be going for the lowest hanging fruit. There are far more pressing issues that need to be addressed in our country first, like our corrupt government, water, food and electricity shortages. Not to mention our financial status being downgraded to “junk” status. But leave it to a South African feminist to show us the “real” burning issues that need to be fixed in our country.

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5 Responses to Pontsho Pilane our own South African feminist

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  2. azzyterror1 says:

    This post was written in bad taste and just highlights everything wrong with this country. The fact that a large number of societal ills have been lost on you, to the point where you can contradict yourself and reduce your argument to blaming not just feminism as a school of thought but one feminist in particular because you are so narrow minded you cannot see past your own selfish privilege speaks volumes

    She does more for this country and society’s ills than you ever have. The fact that you think you are not part of the problem just because you have never had a helper again speaks volumes to the extreme levels of your very evident ignorance. The health sector in our country, faces many challenges far beyond what is known and recognised by the public and to have a journalist like Pontsho Pilane who wishes not only to teach people about these problems but contribute to changing them is all that needs to be acknowledged. She doesn’t need us to come out and defend her, I’m sure, but the fact that you could post this on a blog and not show her speaks volumes to your character as a person.

    You are just a pseudo-blogging internet troll, whose chauvinism and racist white mentally seeps right through your post. You gain strength from bashing other people down without providing real solutions to real world problems experienced by real people every day on the ground. You speak about people hiding behind social media and the internet whilst you continue to do the very same thing.

    The only reason she seems to have struck a nerve with you is because she is telling the truth about the structural violence inflicted on black women every day in this country and for some reason you’re feelings are hurt and you feel left out.

    What do you do for a living? What do you do to help the everyday person struggling in your community? Just because you can justify capitalism and you are incapable of thinking and engaging critically with conscious schools of thought doesn’t make it ok for you to downplay a black woman’s success and it also doesn’t make it ok that the structural violence and skewed power dynamics of this country have become normalised.

    Even in typing this I’m certain you will come back with small minded arguments to try justify why you are right and why the rest of the world is wrong without taking into consideration the fact that even the wording you used to argue your point not only speaks to the fact that you haven’t actively used any education you have received over the years outside of the basic purpose of probably just trying to get a job and get by without questioning why our country is in this crisis in the first place.

    • larch says:

      Calls out my post in bad taste proceeds to blame me for what is wrong with this country followed by a few insults then falls back on calling me a troll, chauvinist, and a white racist because I don’t agree with what she is saying. You see folks this is what South Africa has degraded too. Don’t agree with someone’s point of view? Call them out as being a white racist chauvinistic internet troll. Who needs to counter someone’s points and argument when you can just straight off the bat accuse them of the above so that you can just silence them into shame. Brilliant tactic for when you cannot counter someone’s opinion. Call them a racist and just shame them into submission, got to love the irony in your opening statement.

      “She does more for this country and society’s ills than you ever have” Yes because writing click-bait garabage that just add’s more fuel to the fire is doing something and attending glitzy events and talking and Tweeting up a storm is doing something. Prime example of slacktivism at its finest. Oh, we know what problems face the health sector, it is called the ANC. From eating the African Potato to cure AIDS, to making statements that HIV does not cause AIDS. To taking showers after having sex with an infected person to prevent infection. Let’s not forget the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) who has set back woman in this country by decades by supporting a known rapist.

      She does not need you to defend her but here you are defending her. When according to you she does not need to be defended. Knee jerk much? And where did I state she was hiding behind social media? Please, for all my dear readers point out where in my article did I state she was hiding on social media? Yeah her comments did strike a nerve because some of them are born out of pure stupidity, and most of her statements would do absolutely nothing to fix the country. As for feeling left out, I would gladly be left out. The situation this country finds itself in is no one else’s fault but the government and the people who voted them into power. Please again for my readers where in my article did I justify capitalism?

      Your reply reminds me of our dear cadre in your government and parliament. Willfully ignorant of the situation they placed themselves in, blame others for their shortcomings and have zero responsibility for their own actions. But hey I am sure you can blame apartheid for the next 22 years while you are still stuck in the past and the country burns down at your own hands.

  3. Xiaokang Shao says:

    Oh woops sorry, gonna stop raping now.

    In all seriousness, you lazy fucking umlungus need to stop hiring domestic workers anyways.

    • larch says:

      I have never had a domestic worker since I started living on my own and neither have my parents. But then again if we refuse to hire them we get called racist for not employing domestic workers.

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