Social media’s pathological butthurt over Razer’s Tweet

Quick everyone to the bomb shelters grab your teddy bear and find yourself a safe space! We have a Social Justice Warrior shit storm approaching. For those living under a rock the past couple of days, Razer posted a joke taking the shit out of Apple. To be more specific making fun of the new Macbook Pro’s lack of an SD card reader, which now must be bought as an adapter at extra cost. Was the Tweet Razer posted kind of crass and immature? Sure it was. But let’s look at this moral outrage from a logical perspective shall we? So if we are going to go with the actual innuendo used in the joke talking about sucking dick is sexist if a woman is present? I know plenty of woman who love sucking dick, even a few guys who do.

jnnw9ptbmi9eonu5vv4zNot like sucking dick is reserved for woman only. And it is not like the term is not interchangeable, both males and females can be called dick suckers. I have been called it plenty of times, and I am a hot blooded male who loves the female form. Did it offend my feelings that someone implied that I enjoy sucking dick? Not really, I shrugged it off and went on with my life. Welcome to 2016, were words hurt and in extreme cases causes PSTD for social media users. But then again it does not bother people like me because I am not a hypersensitive millennials who cannot reason like an adult just yet. If these constantly offended Social Justice Warriors had their way the results would be a sanitized, bland and dull world….

[Editorial Note:] We should stop referring to hardware device as male or female. All devices must be gender neutral!

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