Attention Marvel: This is what happens when you pander

Attention Marvel: This is what happens when you pander to a loud self-entitled minority who does not consume your products. Below are the sales figures for comic book sales in September 2016. Am I the only one noticing the fact that the top 50 comic books are absolutely being dominated by DC at the moment? Even more laughable out of the top 50 only 10 of those titles are Marvel, how ironic is that?! Could it be DC is dominating because they are focusing on good solid story telling instead of trying to address social issues through their comic books? When in fact, people want to read comic books for their entertainment value and escapism instead of being lectured and talked down to by Marvel writers?


The big problem with these loud petulant Social Justice Warriors types is, they refuse to acknowledge that they are not the primary demographic for comic books. No matter how much they scream about equal representation. That title belongs to people like me, teenagers and boys. Even more evident by the fact that comics that try and push Social Justice issues in their stories sell extremely poorly. The evidence you ask, well Mockingbird was number 144 on the list of top selling comic books for September 2016 before that was canceled. Being outsold by Flintstones and Power Rangers Pink, repeat after me being outsold by Flintstones and Power Rangers Pink.

mokcingbWhere are all these so-called progressive Social Justice Warriors now with their support? Why aren’t they coming out in droves to support these people’s work? Oh, wait that is right, they aren’t the target market or demographic. They only care about their own politics and pushing their agenda’s into the entertainment industry at the expense of companies and the actual fanbase. Their support only goes as far as Twitter and Facebook and other social media websites, basically just being your average slacktivists. And remember the outcry over the writer of  Mockingbird Chelsea Cain leaving Twitter over “supposed” online abuse and harassment. And I use the term “supposed” because there is little or no real evidence of this even happening, other than people disagreeing with her.

screenshot-2016-10-27-03-02-15But then again these people who started the #StandWithChelseaCain hashtag also believe that disagreeing with someone online can be considered online abuse and harassment. The Beat: Comics Culture seems to be one of those online publications that believe this stating“I’d call it more harassing than abusive, but it’s twitter bullying couched in concern trolling. Because you know, in movies when the bullies come around they can say “I’m going to wreck your bike unless you give me $20!” or they can say “That’s a nice bike. It would be a shame if something happened to it.” Both are bullying. Both are the work of cowards  and if Cain was sick of it and wanted to move on that’s her prerogative, and it’s our prerogative to stand against bullying.” 

qldu4epChelsea Cain even states on her own private blog that she did not leave Twitter because there was a massive amount of so called abuse aimed at her. But because like most pink haired feminists on the internet, she could not handle the vocal criticism being aimed at her writing. So her only retort to the valid criticism she received fro her writing was to scream online abuse and leave Twitter. We have seen this happen countless times before, weird that nobody has caught onto the pattern before. And what constitutes good writing at Marvel these days you may ask? Well apparently  feminist ghost pirate skeletons with absolutely no context or reasoning behind them. But what would I know I am just a comic book pleb who have been collecting and reading them for the past 25 years…

[Editorial Note:] I am well aware that there is a possibility that she did receive abusive Tweets, but so far as any evidence that would constitute the massive waves of abuse mentioned by the media and Chelsea Cain, I have yet to see any evidence of this. And the lack thereof makes me wonder if it was just used as a convenient scapegoat to avoid any discussion of said topic.

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