The “pink haired brigade” loses their shit at Milo and Frank

I love how Frank Cho and Milo Manara gives absolutely zero fucks on how many pink haired Social Justice warriors they piss off with their artwork. Frank Cho and Milo Manara is living prove that companies need to start to realize that Social Justice Warriors aren’t their market or target audience. Who buys games? Gamers. Who buys comic books? Comic book fans. That is where the money is at, not with the constantly offended crowd. And the publishers are hopefully realizing this as their sales take a hit because they refuse to use these people’s artwork. Simply put these guys artwork sells books, same can be said for people like Scott Campbell and every other artist in their genre of style. And money at the end of the day talks. But of course like clock work, The Mary Sue are absolutely outraged:

0db1fffc3c1c61f15a5cb9e25206c3ffb895ade3“As if someone trying to rein in their portrayals of female characters on covers that lots of people will see—because yes, despite the constant argument that “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it!”, the problem is that the variants are still visible in stores—is stifling their artistic expression.” and “Manara and Cho do not seem to understand that it’s not about them as artists; it’s about holding the companies they’re doing work for accountable for when it comes to what they present to their mainstream readership. And yet, these two seem to be taking the fight against sexism as a personal attack on their individual right to create.”

Kind of ironic when you consider that The Mary Sue’s website thrives on outrage and click bait articles. So it is rather rich coming from them accusing Milo Manara and Frank Cho from making money out of the outrage culture, while they do the exact same thing. Having said that, the number of atrocious comics and story lines we have seen this year alone and people jumping ship is a testament to how the majority of fans feel about this agenda’s being pushed in comic books these days. Remember the Christian Dark Ages when art was being held in check by sensibilities of the permanently offended authority figures? Remember how well it went for artist and sculptures back then? Are we going to repeat the same mistakes again?

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