No Bethesda’s new policy isn’t anti-consumer

Seems the gaming press has finally gotten what they deserve and a step I applaud from Bethesda. While the gaming press freely abuse gamer’s without any real repercussions and gets away with it, they have been trying to pull the same shit on developers like Bethesda and Bethesda have decided to push back and rightfully so. And quite frankly after the No Man’s Sky debacle, the media is no longer reliable (insert sarcastic comment here) when it comes to big AAA release hype. Not to mention the preview builds of games themselves can be highly misleading, as the Simcity fiasco clearly demonstrated. When people like TotalBiscuit played the review build of Simcity it had zero issues whatsoever, only to have the shit hit the fan when the game get’s released to the gaming public.

bethesda-reveals-anti-consumer-rI see the gaming press and people like TotalBiscuit are screaming blue bloody murder regarding the new game release policy from Bethesda. And while I have zero fucken respect for the gaming press and their trashcan tabloid style reporting, I still do have some respect for TotalBiscuit. But someone please explain to me how this is anti-consumer? Sensible gamers like myself who know NOT TO PRE-ORDER video games  will continue to benefit from simply waiting a couple of days after release to say what reviewers are saying about a video game. As much as like TotalsaltyBiscuit (See what I did there?) I think he is just a tiny bit salty like the rest of the gaming press that they will not receive a review copy from Bethesda a week or two before anyone else.

Right now how the system should work is: We wait for the game to come out, watch YouTube gamer people play the game, read the games bug reports, and form our own opinion on whether to buy it or not. And that is it. Bethesda’s new policy should have no impact on how people review and buy games, but those suffering from a severe case of FOMO are the ones who seem to be the ones throwing their toys out of the proverbial cot. Review sites like Kotaku, IGN and even reviewers like TotalBiscuit should not be pandering to consumers who pre-order video games before they are released, simply because it just continues the vicious circle we currently find ourselves in. So I ask again where is the value in getting a review copy a couple of days before release?

Hours after a games release a quick Google will revealed thousands of steam reviews and hundreds of discussion boards on Reddit which will cover everything the game might be doing wrong and right. And honestly most gamers worth their salt don’t care whether or not websites like Kotaku, Polygon, and IGN get early review copies because like me they know these websites now peddle agendas and don’t care about their audience or the games they are reviewing. I suspect the reasoning behind the backlash from the media and TotalBiscuit are because of the monetary concern and not having their audiences best wishes at heart. If you cannot advertise the fact that you will be playing a game before it’s launch you stand to possibly lose hundreds if not thousands of clicks or views.

Those clicks and views generate money for these people, and while I do feel sorry for the likes of people like TotalBiscuit who will lose a good chunk of his income because of this. I think it is being intellectually dishonest especially coming from TotalBiscuit to preach about being pro-consumer and use it as part of the reason and excuse to why he believes that the media should receive review copies early. When in fact, the only people who will be really affected by this is people making money off the people who pre-order video games, which is rather ironic considering that TotalBiscuit is one of these people. And websites like Kotaku, Polygon, and IGN who won’t get all the clicks and traffic to their websites.

llpl2rtzckexThis move by Bethesda shows that publishers now know that game journalists have become irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things and that they do not need to be held hostage by them or jump at their command whenever they are un-happy. This is basically Bethesda saying these people have become useless, but they haven’t stated it publicly just yet, and I am seeing other companies following suit pretty soon. This is the kind of thing you will get when they the media abuse it’s privileges, and honestly, what did you expect when you were constantly biting the hand that feeds? This was a long time coming, Bethesda bent them over and rammed it right in without any lube. I don’t see how this will hurt the consumer, in the long run, this might actually curb this pre-order culture we find ourselves in.

[Editorial Note:] I see the gaming press and media are absolutely losing their shit at this move by Bethesda. I haven’t seen as much salt since my last visit to the dead sea….

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