Parents Television Council takes issue with The Walking Dead

Really?! A show about a zombie apocalypse, known for it’s over the top gore, with a viewer discretion advisory before every episode is shown. Based off a comic book who contains even more graphic violence and controversial subject matter. What did they expect? Rainbows and unicorn poop? Parents Television Council president Tim Winter even admitted himself that he himself haven’t watched the show in a long time: “Winter said he’s only seen clips from the episode in question, and that he hasn’t watched the show “in some time.”  Talk about being a hypocrite, yes The Walking Dead has plenty of violence, yes the show has plenty of controversial topics but all of it has clear context if you actually bothered to watch the show.

9bd53ba0-5941-4c3c-9c83-d6dbba2f2cd4And honestly if as parents they are letting their kids watch television unsupervised, and the kids so happen to stumble onto The Walking Dead they should question themselves. Before pointing the finger and placing the blame elsewhere. Welcome to 2016 where parents refuse to take responsibility for what their kids watch and would rather blame the Television shows and the cable providers. And if you are that of a lazy parent there is an option called  “parental control” on whatever cable or dish subscriber box you own. And guess what that does? You can lock-out whatever channel or program with a password if it is not suitable for children to watch, and this pretty much locks them out of anything they aren’t supposed to watch.

ptc-childrenHe also had this to say about violence in the media:  “Programs with violent content are proven to be harmful, especially to children; and most parents agree that having greater control over violent content coming into their homes is vital to protecting their family,” he said. “When a basic cable network like AMC edges or even surpasses the premium networks in terms of explicit content, consumers must be afforded more control over which networks they purchase and which networks they don’t.”  Absolute pure bullshit! It has been proven fact that violence in media does not turn kids into mass murdering psychopaths. Obviously, kids should not be allowed to watch anything above their age level. And that responsibility lies with the parents, not with anyone else!

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