io9: Marvel does not need to do better with LGBT characters

And just before I start off on my next little rant, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have your ethnicity and sexuality represented in the media and in comic books. But it is the height of hubris and self-entitlement to run to companies like Marvel and demand that they cater to your every demand. I have stated a number of times before in some of my previous articles if a character happens to be gay, bisexual, transsexual, that it is perfectly fine. But having said that characters sexual preferences do not need to be shoehorned into the writing and then pushed into the limelight announcing the characters sexual orientation.

daken_gay“Hey, guys! Look we have a LGBTQ character now!  Aren’t we extremely progressive and diverse!” This defeats the purpose of creating  LGBTQ characters for comic books and media. I cannot stand it when these Social Justice Warriors howl at the top of their lungs and insist in making a character gay or transsexual because of “diversity”. Rather than just creating new characters that have any meaningful character or story development, we get previously heterosexual characters with a history of womanizing (see Iceman) who magically come out as being gay then turn straight again when the comic book does not sell for obvious reasons.

I don’t support the shoehorning of anything into media forms like comic books be it religious, gender or sexual preference just for the sake of completing some magical diversity checklist. If it is not being done properly and for the right reasons and if it does not add anything to the character or the story and does not make the world of said character any more compelling than normal, then it’s not needed. Then Marvel goes out of their way and does exactly what these people wanted all along. Only to hear that it did not happen at the exact time and the exact way they wanted it. By claiming it’s “too little, too late” or that it’s just being done to stop these people from complaining.

mgidBasically, Marvel is fucked if they do and fucked it they don’t.  Not only are these people biting the hand that feeds them, but turning around and spitting in the face of Marvel and their writers for attempting what these people have been asking for all along. Let’s not forget the biggest comic book market is America. And that about only 3.5% of that entire market is LGBT, hardly a compelling figure if you want to market LGBT content to them. And it shows in the sales figures and eventual cancellations of comic books and reverting comic book characters back to their original sexual orientation once the sales for these hits rock bottom.

Everyone screams for equal representation but none of these people end up supporting all these LGBT Marvel initiatives beyond the first issue. So eventually these initiatives get canceled due to low sales/support and Marvel being a business that needs to make money removes the book from sale, then people would cry foul and scream for more LGBT representation Marvel would comply and so the cycle would continue. Hopefully, Marvel is learning a valuable lesson when dealing with these people. That you never should give in to these people, they cannot be satisfied or reasoned with in any way shape or form. No matter how much you capitulate, or apologize it will never be enough.

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One Response to io9: Marvel does not need to do better with LGBT characters

  1. Julie Shaw says:

    You know what program does use a diverse cast of characters and does it well? Black Mirror. They use the best actor for the job and do it beautifully. It does not feel forced nor does it feel like they just changed or added whomever for a role to appease a pack of crying, whining nitwits. While I am on this subject, personally as a woman, I don’t want already established male characters to be made over and given to me as sort of a hand me down, here we did something not shut up gesture. I would like new female characters with their own origins in comics and even gaming. Although there are a dearth of strong females in gaming already so I don’t really think gaming needs more female representation now that I think of it. If these so called fans really read comics, they would know that there are already LGBT characters around. Strangers in Paradise is one of my favorite comics featuring flawed, relatable, strong women. I think most of these whiners just like to whine and cry so they get their way then they feel good about themselves until they find something else to cry about.

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