#ScienceMustFall: This is what a 30% pass rate gets you

So for my readers who do not know the what the #FeesMustFall and #ScienceMustFall You can find my feelings and idiocy on the subject matter here and here. These are the people who want study fees to be abolished and wants to scrap science completely because they consider gravity a western construct. Then the head of this movement proceeds to pull out this during their meeting:

western-science“Western knowledge is very pathetic, to say the least.” Pulls out her iPad. How is that for sublime irony right there? She want’s to denounce hundreds of years worth of western science, but all too happy to use western products that were created using western science. The very same people then enter the work environment and we get creative spelling of the word: “Cheese Burger Pie”.

And the very same people who still believes that a witch doctor can summon lightning and kill a person on command, and then asks science to explain it to them in no uncertain terms. This, my friends, is what happens when you lower the pass rate for subjects in school down to 30%, lowering the bar so any idiot can pass and get into university. As a South African, I sincerely apologize for this idiocy these people have been spouting.

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  1. Julie Shaw says:

    Let them have their “science” see how far that gets them. Yes I just found your blog, I love it. :)

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